Friday, 17 May 2013

30 Before 30- Places and Countries to Visit

Hey Everyone, 
So with my birthday fast approaching (where did that year go?). I got thinking about what I had done and where I had been so far, and to be quite honest I came to the conclusion that I really hadn't been to that many places! Which led me to make this list "30 Before 30" 30 Places whether city's or countries that I would like to visit before I'm 30. I'm not counting any of the UK or Ireland for obvious reasons.

1. Rome Image Source 
2. Florence Image Source 
3. Venice Image Source 
4. Sorrento/Naples Image Source 
5. Paris France(I was last in Paris when I was 5 -I would like to go again now I'm older) Image Source 
6. South of France Image Source 
7. Greece Image Source 
8. Croatia Image Source 
9. Prague Image Source 
10. Australia Image Source 
11. New York Image Source 
12. Route 66 -I would love to drive Route 66 Image Source
13. Switzerland Image Source 
14. New Zealand Image Source 
15. Spain-Barcelona (I have been twice now and still haven't seen everything) Image Source 
16. Spain Sitges (When I was about 13 I was in a musical that went on tour and our hotel was here) Image Source
17. Belgium (Visited for a day history trip when I was in School, Would love to go and actually see more) Image Source 
18. Germany (I stopped here for a few hours on my way to Austria I would love to visit properlyImage Source 
19. Canada Toronto When I was around 5 and I'd also like to go again, The cleanest and friendly place I've ever visited.  Image Source 
20. Portugal Algarve (For my 21st and it was amazing!) Image Source 
21. Austria (A few times as its where I did my skiing) Image Source 
22. Iceland Image Source 
23. Greenland Image Source 
24. Norway Image Source 
25. Maldives Image Source 
26. Turkey Image Source 
27. Sweden Image Source 
28. Malta Image Source 
29. Latvia Image Source 
30. Canada the Rockies Image Source 

Have you got any suggestions of places I should visit? What would be on your list? 


  1. Oh man I would love to go to all of these places so much especially the Maldives, but I doubt that will happen, so expensive! x

    1. I know its crazy expensive but you never know what might happen! :) x

  2. I've been to Rome it's amazing, so beautiful. You will love it. I'm off to Barcelona this year. Cannot wait. Great list. I would love to go to Sicily and pretty much travel around Italy.

    1. Ahhh I really wanna go it looks amazing! Barcelona is an incredible city so much to do and see, hope you have a lovely time!
      Sicily is another place I'd love to visit but I ran out of numbers lol! :) x

  3. I'm of to Helsinki and Paris this year, There are some lovely spot's in Helsinki that are worth looking into =] xx

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation I'll have to add it to my list! I hope you have a lovely time! :) x

  4. amazing list of places to visit, I hope you enjoy ticking them off :) I would suggest Krakow in Poland and Copenhagen in Denmark if you haven't been before- they're both beautiful cities :)
    Poppy | far away

    1. Oh Poland I totally forgot really wanna go there too lol my list is getting longer! Thanks hun! :) x

  5. You're so lucky to live in Europe... it's so much easier to visit such amazing places. I live in the US but I have made it to SE Asia for a few months. I highly recommend Singapore! It's amazing!

    1. But the US is so amazing I've never visited the US but really want to! :) x


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