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Bikini's and Swimwear For Different Body Types

Hey Everyone, 
it's coming up to holiday season and everyone wants the perfect bikini to lounge by the pool in. So I've come up with my guide to the perfect swimwear for different body types...

Smaller Bust
Your lucky as you can pretty much wear anything. If your looking to give the appearance of a bigger bust wearing frills and detailed bikinis can help to add curves. Also in recent years padded swimwear has become really popular, and there's plenty out there designed to maximise cleavage.

Larger Bust
You can also wear anything its personal choice really so wear what your comfortable in. If your looking for supportive swimwear there are now plenty available with under-wire. There's always the halterneck option, and if you find one with larger straps it will be more supportive. However swimwear with a clasp is always better than tie ups because we all know jumping in the pool can create disasters with bikinis that have a habit of coming undone.

Fuller Figure
People always believe that swimwear for the fuller is unfashionable, well not any more there are so many options for fuller figures. Firstly Tankini's are amazing for fuller figures as they are still a two piece which breaks up the figure and also covers the tummy. Also if you can find one with ruching, pleating or twisted fabric this can really help slim a tummy as the fabric skims over it. 
One pieces are back in and they don't have to be boring or mummy like there's loads, but try to stay away from large patterns unless paneled as they just highlight everything you don't want them too. Panels are great for breaking up the figure. Don't forget that like control underwear which has become popular in recent years so has control/Slimming swimwear. Lastly why should you miss out if you want a two piece/ bikini high-waisted bottoms are huge this season and they can help to hold in a tummy and slim it down.

Slimmer Figure
Bikinis, one piece, tankini's you can wear whatever you want adding pattern adds drama and the appearance of curves but remember pattern draws the eye in, so a broken pattern in the right places is better than an all over pattern. If you've got the confidence you could also wear any types of cut out swimwear which has been popular for the past few years. Lastly swimwear with frills can add the illusion of curves so if you want your hips to appear curvier wear a frill around the middle.

So What Do You Think?


  1. Great post - will be useful for many I'm sure! :) Love your blog design, so pretty! :) x

  2. What a great post, that's so great!
    I could never wear a bikini, to many wobbly bits :(

    Kelly ||

    1. I bet you don't! But one pieces are so in fashion at the moment you don't need to worry about it! :) x

  3. Great post Hannah :) I'm slim but pear shaped and would probably go for the last M&M one.

    1. I'm prob classed as a pear shape too but don't really fit into any category! lol that's my fav one really wanted it but its so expensive! :) x

  4. Fab post hun xx


  5. Ooooo I love the third one along on the fuller figure though I'm not sure weather to go for a bikini or a tankini being a size 14 at the moment, really helpful post though! Great blog too, I'm now following.

    Currently running a MAC giveaway over at my blog if you fancy entering pop by and say hello :)

    1. Choose whatever your comfortable in but you never know you might find one you love and then you'll know what to choose lol! :)

      Thanks hun I'll go take a look! :) x

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