Sunday, 5 May 2013

Skincare Routine: Tips and Tricks

Hey Everyone,
today's post is a continuation of the recent skincare posts (My Skincare Routine: Day, and My Skincare Routine: Evening) this time its on tips and tricks I've picked up over the years to keep my skin in the best condition possible!

1. Don't use loads of products/keep trialing lots:
Find a routine that suits you and stick to it! Its the best way to keep your skin happy, obviously you can try and change up every now and again, but keep messing around and mixing up and your skin is just bound to get irritated!
2. Moisturiser is key! 
You don't have to spend crazy money to get a good one but you do get what you pay for a lot of the time!
3. Try not use face wipes:
They are not good for your skin... They are full of alcohol which will dry it out, as well as not being great for those that are prone to breakouts!
4. Skincare Storage:
I like to keep everything (all my skincare) in the same place, because I know I'll do the whole routine if its together! Rather than if I know my moisturisers by my bed but my cleansers in the bathroom I'm more likely to miss the cleanser out and just hop into bed and moisturise... However if your bathroom has problems with damp I would suggest keeping it all together in another place just to make sure everything is kept as clean and as fresh as possible!
5. Don't over exfoliate:
It can damage your skin! Get to know your skin and find one that suits you weather its a muslin cloth or a Exfoliater!
6. Find out what skin type you have:
If you don't know and adapt your skincare to it! There's plenty on the market that even have skin types written on them for who there aimed at!
7. Treat yourself! 
If you have a spare 5 minutes one weekend why not try out a face mask! Get one for what your skin needs that day... been out all weekend go for a hydrating or radiance mask!
8. It can take your skin a month or so to adapt to a new skincare routine:
So don't give up! (also it can get worse before it gets better there's a barrier to break so keep at it) try it for a while if your skins still irritated then mix it up, and change what you think isn't working!

What Tips and Tricks have you learnt over the years?

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  1. Some fab tips xx

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    1. Your welcome I hope you find them useful! :) x

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :) x


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