Saturday, 29 June 2013

Kiehls Event To Celebrate the Launch of Their New Breakthrough in Skin Care - SKIN RESCUER‏

Hey Everyone, 
Wednesday evening I went along to a very exciting Kiehls event. I absolutely love Kiehls, I think their products are amazing and I was so delighted to be asked along!
I met up with the lovely Catherine from first so that we didn't have to walk in alone, as most of you know I get terribly nervous when going to events.
The event itself was so lovely the Kiehls girls were on hand to give us a skin analysis, which I of course found really interesting as I'm really into my skincare. There was also plenty of drinks, nibbles, and great chat! After a good natter there was a PowerPoint presentation on the amazing new product Skin Rescuer which I have to say sounds amazing and definitely something I need to invest in as it is for stressed skin, which is something I definitely suffer with! 
I had a lovely time at the event and can't wait to try out the new product! 

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Great Skincare for Men - Ali Mac’s Chamomile Face Balm

Hey Everyone,
These days a lot more men now opt to use products to keep their skin looking it best. Brands have responded to this with a wider range of male skincare products now available. However there is still not the range or sheer amount of options which are as readily available for women. Enter a new find... 
Ali Mac’s skincare for men range which are free from; parabens, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, silicons, pthalates, mineral oils, SLS and SLES’s and are not tested on animals. Pretty good eh? As well as it being great for the skin this brand has also got the packaging bang on with a cool masculine edge to appeal to the masses. 
The Chamomile Face Balm is a great night time alternative to a moisturizer it "is the best when it comes to looking after men’s skin. This regenerative treatment is rich in Shea Butter, Jojoba, Rosehip and Argan Oils. Our Chamomile Face Balm can be massaged into the skin as a restorative and soothing treat after shaving" The reason I say for night is because it is quite oil heavy, this would be a perfect overnight treat (when the product has the time to sink in and the skin really gets all the benefits). It does however smell amazing, it is quite a masculine smell though and the chamomile and lavender make it even better for a night time skin routine. When I first tried it I was really surprised as it seemed quite grainy but as I rubbed it in that melted right into the skin. If I was to describe this product in one word it would be luxurious! 

So I couldn't do this post without getting one of the guys to test this out and tell me his thoughts on it. He is in his mid-twenty's, with normal skin, and having never had a skincare routine before I was interested to find out what he thought:
"Although its kinda oily when first on that does go overnight and leaves skin soft and smooth, effortless to put on, its easy! Its good value for money as you only need a small bit which means it will last a long time. I like that the packaging is glass and its a masculine design. It smells good and not feminine. I would recommend it to friends!"

Have you ever tried Ali Mac's Skincare before? What do you think about male skincare?

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Green Fingers- Gardening On A Budget!

Hey Everyone, 
In an attempt to make my flat more homely on Thursday I went down to woodies and with 30 Euro, got lots of plants, and along with my cute blue pot I got last year in Dunne's attempted a little bit of gardening to brighten the place up. I'm not going to lie it didn't quite turn out how I had planned I'm not the best gardener in the world but I'm happy with the outcome now!
So what do you think of my attempts?

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Top Five Sunglasses - Optical Express

Hey Everyone, 
So most of you will know I wear glasses. However I'm bold and really only wear mine when I feel like I have to or for long days in front of the computer, but recently I've noticed I need them more. A week ago we had fantastic weather here in Ireland and out came the sunglasses, but wearing these prevented me from wearing my glasses. So here lies the problem, if you need glasses for driving and the suns blaring through the windscreen what are you to do... Our knight in shining frames = prescription sunglasses! Prescription Sunglasses are amazing it means your getting the benefits of your usual sunglasses, but with the added brilliance of actually being able to see. 

Optical express who I thought just did laser eye surgery actually have a great range of sunglasses (Not all are prescription)! 
Optical Express are "one of the UK's leading eye care specialists, with locations nationwide staffed by professional opticians with access to all the latest and most advanced technology. Our fully trained opticians carry out thousands of comprehensive eye tests each week, providing patients with a complete optical solution. We are the UK's No.1 laser eye surgery provider and our surgeons have carried out over 1 million procedures worldwide."

So I created my Top Five favorites from their Sunglasses range on their website:
1. Jimmy Choo 2.Ray-Ban 3. Calvin Klein, 4. Dior 5. Givenchy

Unfortunately not all their sunglasses are available with prescription lenses, because it depends on the glasses themselves and your own prescription. If you are going to buy prescription sunglasses I would suggest to go into an actual store like Optical Express, where they can tell you which glasses are available with your prescription and also make sure your prescription is correct! 

For more information on Optical express you can visit their website HERE!

Do you have prescription sunglasses? Which are your Favourite pair? 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nominations for The Blog Awards Ireland 2013

Hey Everyone, 
Voting for the 2013 Blog awards Ireland began last night. I have never entered the awards before and I would love the chance to be nominated this year! 
I would be seriously honored if you could take a minute out of your time to vote for me, you can vote HERE! and all the information you need is listed below the image in this post!

Information needed:
Name of Blog: Love, Life, and Makeup

Categories for nomination:
Best Popculture Blog, 

Best Designed Blog, 
and Best Beauty/Fashion Blog

Your support means so much to me every comment and tweet makes my day, thank you so much!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What Men Think of Women's Fashion: The Guy's views on What We Wear

Hey Everyone,
on Monday I posted "What Men Think of Women's Fashion: Men's Choices For Three Date Outfits" in that post I also mentioned that I had asked a few of my guy friends what their opinions were on women's fashion and I thought it was really interesting to hear their perspective on what we wear, so I thought I would share it with you! I've kept their identities Anonymous as not to embarrass them, here's what they had to say:
What Do You Like About Women's Fashion:
Guy 1: 
Pretty summer dresses, I think maxi dresses look nice on some people! I think girls look good still in jeans and stuff but I think they look prettiest in dresses! I like light colours like pastel yellow!
Guy 2: 
I like jeans and skirts. With jeans you get to see the butt, skirts you get the legs. Choices!! 
I wouldn't go for girly-girl types, really. I dunno maybe, I have broad tastes. 
I don't really look for a particular thing in women but I don't like fake tan!
Guy 3:
In the style stakes, I like girls who are unfussy. When you can see that they've put the effort in and are trying to look their best but that it, not over complicated with loads or adornment and ostentatious jewellery or accessories. 
On a day to day basis, jeans/trousers and a t-shirt works just fine and for any special occasions I think a nice dress is a really good choice. The classic "Little Black Dress" or something colorful and summery. They both work well but the main thing is that the girl looks comfortable in the clothes. Too often you see girls who are afraid to even stand in the wrong pose for fear of "damaging" their style.
Make-up wise, I think the same really applies. Too much make-up even on a beautiful girl is a mistake. The whole point (In my opinion) is that make-up should enhance what's already there not try to change it. Choosing the products that bring out the best in features and accentuate the best features, without straying into the areas of garishness. 
What Do You Dislike About Women's Fashion:
Guy 1:
 I'm not a fan of crop tops or anything like that I prefer a more dignified girl! 
I think you can wear tight stuff and still look nice, like a pencil skirt but I don't like it when people look slutty or bits are out! I also don't like it when girls wear bra's that are too pushy up or padded... I once saw a girl who had her boobs up to her chin it looked awful!
Guy 2:
I think guys prefer girls who take care of themselves but don't go nuts. 
I like classy girls and laid back girls but not slutty or trashy girls.  Everything on show is not my thing really. I mean you might look and enjoy the view but you wouldn't really respect them. As for shoes they look good in heels but the practical issue is huge. Surely there has to be a middle ground. If you can't walk, the shoes don't work. 
Guy 3: 
Hipster style can be nice but it can also easily slip into the pretentious "Look how cooky I Am" area. When I was a bit younger (and these things never really go away) I actually really liked the Goth look or the rocker chick look. I mean this in the old sense before people like ...(He named a certain well known high street shop) and such started putting the Ramones logo on shirts and calling Avril Lavine a rocker.Back when new rocks were in fashion and black was the only really acceptable color (in my little click)
With makeup again it comes down to the girl feeling and looking comfortable. Too much make up can cause people to look sever and somewhat bland. (This doesn't quite apply to the goths). The fake tan use is the bench mark. A little can give a nice color, too much and people start to look weird.

So What do you think of the guys opinions? 

Monday, 10 June 2013

What Men Think of Womens Fashion: Men's Choices For Three Date Outfits

Hey Everyone,
today's post is all about 'What Men think of Women's fashion', I asked some of my guy friends to tell me what they thought...I'll post what they had to say in the next few days! 
I then asked one of the guys (he doesn't want to be named and shamed on here unfortunately) what outfits he would put together for three different dates. So he raided my wardrobe and here's what he picked... 

Date 1: Lunch date (Coffee/Lunch):
H&M Yellow Blouse/ Penney's Black Vest Top/ Penney's Pretty Flats/ Penney's Jeans/ Penney's Aztec Bangle
His Thoughts: Something casual but still with some style, I picked the blouse because I like the colour but I think it should have something underneath like a black vest because otherwise its too revealing. I think jeans would be nice because its casual and then maybe some pretty flats instead of runners, because its a lunch date and you still wanna look nice. I don't think much jewellery maybe something just kinda simple not over the top like this bangle. 

Date 2: Activity date (Cinema, Bowling):
Penney's Jeans/ Stripey Topshop Jumper/ Penney's Black Vest Top/ Penney's Flowery Runners
His Thoughts: I like activity dates because its easy as you've something else to think about. I think jeans are obvious because its an activity date you don't want to be wearing something you can't move in. I really like this jumper its like big and cozy and I think it would look cute on a girl but you might need something underneath, maybe the black vest again! For shoes I think runners, but not like big heavy ones your not going to the gym!

Date 3: Evening date (Dinner, Drinks, Night Out):
Stripey French Connection Dress/ Walsh Brothers Tall Black Boots/ Dunnes Leggings/ Penney's Gold Studded Bracelet/ Topshop Gold Long Earrings with Studs
His Thoughts: Evening date means more dressed up, its nice when a girl makes an effort. I like this Stripey dress its dressy but classy not slutty! Maybe some heels or these boots I like boots, and then maybe some black tights or leggings for underneath! Jewelry is nice for an evening date maybe these long earrings and the gold bracelet! 

So What do you think of his picks? Are you surprised by what he picked or impressed?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless Event

Hey Everyone,
Last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Benefit Stay Flawless event at the whiskey bar in 37 Dawson Street, Dublin 2! Having never been to a Benefit event before, and being a huge fan of the brand I was seriously excited. The event was for the launch of Benefit's new amazing Stay Flawless Primer. Its like no other I've tried before, it is a stick primer that feels light, and fresh on the skin even though it helps to make your makeup last for up to 15 Hours, I'm seriously loving it! 
Sorry about the Picture quality, it was pretty dark inside so it was hard to get clear pictures! 
The event was so lovely with tasty food, great products, and a lovely atmosphere. We also got colour matched to Benefits Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. I got matched to "Believe in me"- Ivory which is the pink toned Ivory. I find it really hard to find foundations that match my skin-tone but this is actually pretty close when buffed into the skin! 
Benefit were so generous and I had such a fab time the whole team were really lovely, Thank you Benefit! Expect a separate post on the foundation and primer in a few weeks! 

What is your favourite Benefit product?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Summer:

Hey everyone, 
June is finally here and with all the lucky people going on their holidays I thought I'd do another top five post, this time it's my Summer Beauty Essentials:
1. Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan by Marissa Carter:
Tanning in the summer can help to make your skin tone appear more even, which can help with your confidence when getting into that bikini on a sunny holiday. Whether your like me and you love to embrace your pale but would like an extra glow for summer, or you’re a tanaholic who likes a deeper colour this is the perfect tan for you! 
Wash off after an hour for the perfect summer glow, or leave on for up to 3 for those of you that like your tan. This tan is amazing and natural looking whatever colour your looking for, I did a full review with pictures of this tan HERE!
2. Sunscreen-La Roche-Posay Extreme Face Fluid SPF50:
If there's one beauty product you use this summer make it a sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important and using it on your face will help to protect you against sun damage and keep you looking younger for longer. For those of you looking for a sunscreen for your face this is perfect. Its Fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic and water resistant so perfect for when your hanging out around the pool! 

 3. Aloe Vera Gel:
Great for use as after-sun or on the face to reduce redness and the appearance of acne scarring! Tip: If you put it in the fridge its extra soothing on sunburn. 
I did a post on the uses of Aloe Vera Gel for acne scarring and redness HERE!

 4. Benefit Highbeam:
This is the perfect highlighter for summer, I love it as it gives a pink dewy glowing effect. After a day beside the pool nothing is prettier than subtle but healthy looking makeup for the evening ahead. I like to use this on my brow and cheek bones as well as a small amount on my cupids bow. Tip: A little bit of shimmer/highlight down the center of your leg can make them appear longer and slimmer.

5. L'Oreal Glam Bronze Mineral Pearls
This is my go to bronzer for summer unlike my favourite matte's for contouring this has a bit of shimmer to really give you that sun kissed look. In the summer months especially on holiday I tend not to contour and instead use a bronzer with some shimmer, I like to apply it wherever the sun hits to give me a glow... cheeks, a small amount down the center of my nose and the side of my forehead as well as along my collar bone.

What would be your top 5 beauty picks for the summer?
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