Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Great Skincare for Men - Ali Mac’s Chamomile Face Balm

Hey Everyone,
These days a lot more men now opt to use products to keep their skin looking it best. Brands have responded to this with a wider range of male skincare products now available. However there is still not the range or sheer amount of options which are as readily available for women. Enter a new find... 
Ali Mac’s skincare for men range which are free from; parabens, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, silicons, pthalates, mineral oils, SLS and SLES’s and are not tested on animals. Pretty good eh? As well as it being great for the skin this brand has also got the packaging bang on with a cool masculine edge to appeal to the masses. 
The Chamomile Face Balm is a great night time alternative to a moisturizer it "is the best when it comes to looking after men’s skin. This regenerative treatment is rich in Shea Butter, Jojoba, Rosehip and Argan Oils. Our Chamomile Face Balm can be massaged into the skin as a restorative and soothing treat after shaving" The reason I say for night is because it is quite oil heavy, this would be a perfect overnight treat (when the product has the time to sink in and the skin really gets all the benefits). It does however smell amazing, it is quite a masculine smell though and the chamomile and lavender make it even better for a night time skin routine. When I first tried it I was really surprised as it seemed quite grainy but as I rubbed it in that melted right into the skin. If I was to describe this product in one word it would be luxurious! 

So I couldn't do this post without getting one of the guys to test this out and tell me his thoughts on it. He is in his mid-twenty's, with normal skin, and having never had a skincare routine before I was interested to find out what he thought:
"Although its kinda oily when first on that does go overnight and leaves skin soft and smooth, effortless to put on, its easy! Its good value for money as you only need a small bit which means it will last a long time. I like that the packaging is glass and its a masculine design. It smells good and not feminine. I would recommend it to friends!"

Have you ever tried Ali Mac's Skincare before? What do you think about male skincare?

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  1. Love that it's free of parabens and mineral oils!!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  2. I'm trying a cleanser and an oil at the moment and I have to say I'm loving them a lot, it's a really nice brand x

    1. Agreed think this brand is great and only just found out about it can't wait to see what else is amazing! :) x


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