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What Men Think of Women's Fashion: The Guy's views on What We Wear

Hey Everyone,
on Monday I posted "What Men Think of Women's Fashion: Men's Choices For Three Date Outfits" in that post I also mentioned that I had asked a few of my guy friends what their opinions were on women's fashion and I thought it was really interesting to hear their perspective on what we wear, so I thought I would share it with you! I've kept their identities Anonymous as not to embarrass them, here's what they had to say:
What Do You Like About Women's Fashion:
Guy 1: 
Pretty summer dresses, I think maxi dresses look nice on some people! I think girls look good still in jeans and stuff but I think they look prettiest in dresses! I like light colours like pastel yellow!
Guy 2: 
I like jeans and skirts. With jeans you get to see the butt, skirts you get the legs. Choices!! 
I wouldn't go for girly-girl types, really. I dunno maybe, I have broad tastes. 
I don't really look for a particular thing in women but I don't like fake tan!
Guy 3:
In the style stakes, I like girls who are unfussy. When you can see that they've put the effort in and are trying to look their best but that it, not over complicated with loads or adornment and ostentatious jewellery or accessories. 
On a day to day basis, jeans/trousers and a t-shirt works just fine and for any special occasions I think a nice dress is a really good choice. The classic "Little Black Dress" or something colorful and summery. They both work well but the main thing is that the girl looks comfortable in the clothes. Too often you see girls who are afraid to even stand in the wrong pose for fear of "damaging" their style.
Make-up wise, I think the same really applies. Too much make-up even on a beautiful girl is a mistake. The whole point (In my opinion) is that make-up should enhance what's already there not try to change it. Choosing the products that bring out the best in features and accentuate the best features, without straying into the areas of garishness. 
What Do You Dislike About Women's Fashion:
Guy 1:
 I'm not a fan of crop tops or anything like that I prefer a more dignified girl! 
I think you can wear tight stuff and still look nice, like a pencil skirt but I don't like it when people look slutty or bits are out! I also don't like it when girls wear bra's that are too pushy up or padded... I once saw a girl who had her boobs up to her chin it looked awful!
Guy 2:
I think guys prefer girls who take care of themselves but don't go nuts. 
I like classy girls and laid back girls but not slutty or trashy girls.  Everything on show is not my thing really. I mean you might look and enjoy the view but you wouldn't really respect them. As for shoes they look good in heels but the practical issue is huge. Surely there has to be a middle ground. If you can't walk, the shoes don't work. 
Guy 3: 
Hipster style can be nice but it can also easily slip into the pretentious "Look how cooky I Am" area. When I was a bit younger (and these things never really go away) I actually really liked the Goth look or the rocker chick look. I mean this in the old sense before people like ...(He named a certain well known high street shop) and such started putting the Ramones logo on shirts and calling Avril Lavine a rocker.Back when new rocks were in fashion and black was the only really acceptable color (in my little click)
With makeup again it comes down to the girl feeling and looking comfortable. Too much make up can cause people to look sever and somewhat bland. (This doesn't quite apply to the goths). The fake tan use is the bench mark. A little can give a nice color, too much and people start to look weird.

So What do you think of the guys opinions? 


  1. Now they are interesting views xx

    1. Yer I think so too! Very insightful! :) x

  2. Ah great post! Really enjoyed seeing it from a mans point of view haha! Clever post! xx

  3. Love this post! Interesting to see what other people think!


  4. Sorry, "when New Rocks were in fashion" - New Rocks will always be in fashion, tut ;-) I was all ready to put my feminist hat on but in fairness I do agree with the majority of what the lads are saying. The only thing I like about the whole "goth goes mainstream" thing is that I can buy up all the studded products in the country and keep them for when everyone else is over the trend, therefore being the only goth in the village once more. Muahahahaha :)

    1. hahaha! Also like that u agree with most of what they are saying! The only goth in the village lol that made me giggle! :) x

  5. I love this post! It's really interesting to see what other people think!

    just followed your blog ♥

    follow each other? (would mean the world)

  6. haha that made me laugh! :D xxxx

    Great post! xxx

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