Monday, 10 June 2013

What Men Think of Womens Fashion: Men's Choices For Three Date Outfits

Hey Everyone,
today's post is all about 'What Men think of Women's fashion', I asked some of my guy friends to tell me what they thought...I'll post what they had to say in the next few days! 
I then asked one of the guys (he doesn't want to be named and shamed on here unfortunately) what outfits he would put together for three different dates. So he raided my wardrobe and here's what he picked... 

Date 1: Lunch date (Coffee/Lunch):
H&M Yellow Blouse/ Penney's Black Vest Top/ Penney's Pretty Flats/ Penney's Jeans/ Penney's Aztec Bangle
His Thoughts: Something casual but still with some style, I picked the blouse because I like the colour but I think it should have something underneath like a black vest because otherwise its too revealing. I think jeans would be nice because its casual and then maybe some pretty flats instead of runners, because its a lunch date and you still wanna look nice. I don't think much jewellery maybe something just kinda simple not over the top like this bangle. 

Date 2: Activity date (Cinema, Bowling):
Penney's Jeans/ Stripey Topshop Jumper/ Penney's Black Vest Top/ Penney's Flowery Runners
His Thoughts: I like activity dates because its easy as you've something else to think about. I think jeans are obvious because its an activity date you don't want to be wearing something you can't move in. I really like this jumper its like big and cozy and I think it would look cute on a girl but you might need something underneath, maybe the black vest again! For shoes I think runners, but not like big heavy ones your not going to the gym!

Date 3: Evening date (Dinner, Drinks, Night Out):
Stripey French Connection Dress/ Walsh Brothers Tall Black Boots/ Dunnes Leggings/ Penney's Gold Studded Bracelet/ Topshop Gold Long Earrings with Studs
His Thoughts: Evening date means more dressed up, its nice when a girl makes an effort. I like this Stripey dress its dressy but classy not slutty! Maybe some heels or these boots I like boots, and then maybe some black tights or leggings for underneath! Jewelry is nice for an evening date maybe these long earrings and the gold bracelet! 

So What do you think of his picks? Are you surprised by what he picked or impressed?


  1. Great post! I remember when men were seriously baffled with the harem pants trend! hahaha
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. Thank you! Lol I think men still are! :) x

  2. I would quite happily wear all of these outfits on any given day for any given occasion. Does he hire himself out as a personal shopper?! Great post!

    1. Yay he did a good job then! lol I think shopping might be a step too far unless you offer beer and food as incentives lol! :) x

  3. Oh I would any of those outfits, what good taste he has! xx

  4. Cool idea for a post... I am obsessed with your jewelry choices!

    1. Thank you! I think he did a great job! :) x

  5. Such cute outfits. Love the sheer blouse from H&M. xo

    1. Thank you! I got it recently so it might still be in store! :) x

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