Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Dream Home: Walk in Wardrobe

Hey Everyone, 
over past few months I have done a couple of interior design posts including "My Dream Living Room" and "My Bedroom: Before and After". So continuing with the theme of my dream home I thought I would do another post. This time a room that I have always dreamed of having in my home, every girls dream... a walk in wardrobe!
If I had my own walk in wardrobe I would want it to be somewhere that feels and looks luxurious, therefore I would almost want it to seem like my own boutique. I would definitely get rails and storage like the dark wood above to make it feel a bit more high end. A lot of storage would be needed but I wouldn't want it to feel to cluttered. I think it would be lovely to display my shoes, whether they are on show or in boxes!
I love the idea of a sliding ladder, I have always dreamed of having one whether in a wardrobe or library. I have an obsession with vintage trunks I just think they are subtly beautiful, and would look amazing stacked on top of each other in this room. I also like painted furniture to add a pop of colour, teal is beautiful but cream and gold can look really sophisticated with dark wood elsewhere. Taupe and grey's are the colours I would choose to paint the walls (to keep in with the feeling of a boutique), I probably wood stick to paint and avoid decorative wall paper due to the amount of furniture in the room, I wouldn't want it to become to fussy!
  /Chateau Bench Stool/ Large Mirror/ Chateau Gaston Armchair/ Decorative Lighting/
Extra touches like good seating is a must! I know a lot of people might find it strange to have seating in a walk in wardrobe but I think its essential! These two luxury pieces from Chaise Longue Boutique are exactly what I would want. First the bench stool is somewhere that you could lounge and relax, and a great place to add decorative cushions to add some colour to the room. The chair is just gorgeous. It is in keeping with my theme and the painted wood will help to lighten up the space! A floor length mirror is a beautiful touch to a dressing room as you can see head to toe, therefore helpful when choosing an outfit. Also mirrors reflects light and space to create the illusion of more space! Lastly these decorative metal flower lights from habitat create soft mood lighting and add a pretty touch to the overall effect.
A girl can dream, I would absolutely to recreate this room now! Hopefully one day I will be able to.

What would you include in your dream walk in wardrobe?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Guest Post on Beauty Queen UK - Wishlist For A Mini Office

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that I guest posted on the lovely Rachel's blog Beauty Queen UK! The post is a wishlist for a office as I've been thinking a lot about turning an empty corner of my bedroom into a mini office. To check out the post click HERE! 

What would you include in your office wishlist?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For A Weekend Away

Hi Everyone,
as this beautiful weather continues a lot of people are opting to go on weekend mini breaks to enjoy the sunshine so I thought I would do a post on my "Top 5 Beauty Essentials For A Weekend Away". On a weekend away its usually important to travel light with most people just bringing one small bag, therefore most condense what beauty products they bring. This is something I definitely need to work on as I'm usually the person who will bring their whole makeup kit (and the kitchen sink) for just one night away!

1. Dove Compressed Deodorant:
This deodorant is amazing it has the same amount as a regular can but its compressed so therefore more room for you in your toiletries bag! If you've been following me for a while you will know I rarely use any other deodorant brand as I find they don't seem to work for me. Plus I don't really like the flowery powdery smells that other brands use, I prefer the fresher smells like Dove's lemon grass, cucumber and original!
 2. Double Ended Makeup Brushes:
Double ended makeup brushes are a god send when on a trip where you have to pack light as your getting two for the price of one! I especially love these Blank Canvas brushes for my eyes, I can get a full eye look with just two brushes, then all I need to pack is a blusher brush and away I go. If I need to pack light things like foundation and concealer can be done with my fingers. These Blank Canvas brushes are great quality and really affordable so perfect for traveling.

3. John Frieda Volume Mini Hair Products:
Minis are definitely essentials for trips, not only do they look super cute but they are affordable and save a lot of room when packing! I love John Frieda products and these are amazing! Although my hair is thick its actually really flat and I often try different volumizing products to help give it some lift. These John Frieda mini's are excellent they smell AMAZING and the blow-out blow dry spray is great for adding a bit of volume (it even seemed to decrease the amount of time it takes for me to dry my hair).
4. A Makeup Palette:
A makeup palette is always a good room saving item when travelling especially if you can get a whole makeup look from one palette like this Benefit one "Cabana Glama". I previously did a post on this palette HERE! if you want to check it out. This palette includes eye shadows, a bronzer, a cheek product, it also includes a brush (so that's my blush brush sorted) and a concealer! Benefit do lots of other great sets so there's one to suit everyone and it means you don't have to pack as much in your makeup bag!

5. Burt's Bees Lip Balm:
A recent favourite of mine, this will ensure your lips stay moisturized and looking great. It also smells really good as its peppermint! I think this is definitely a travel essential as you can use it before bed to make sure you lips are looking their best and its perfect for top ups during the day as its a tiny stick that can be thrown into your handbag!

What are your travel/weekend away beauty Essentials?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Dream Living Room

Hey Everyone,
A couple of months a go I did a post on "My Bedroom Before and After" (HERE!) explaining how living in rented accommodation can be hard as you can’t redecorate in many cases, and therefore I use staging to make my flat homely and personalized.
As I said before staging is a temporary way of presenting, e.g putting cushions onto a sofa or hanging a picture on a wall. You can find more information on home staging HERE!
I thought this time I would do a post on my living room but again living in rented accommodation its not what I would have chosen myself. Instead I thought I would show you what my dream living room would look like! 
A large fireplace can be a great focal feature in a room, not forgetting how cozy and inviting a large open fire can be in the winter. I also like the idea of a feature wall, one wall that's different from the rest e.g the other walls are painted but the feature wall has a nice patterned paper on it. I think that can especially look great on the same wall as a fireplace if its not as big. I like the idea of large windows or glass doors that open out onto the garden as they are great in the summer. In terms of staging you really can't go wrong with cushions and throws to make a living room seem more homely. Mirrors reflect light as well as the space to make a room seem bigger. I'm a huge fan of large L-shaped sofa's, its really important to have comfortable seating and these are great for large families or entertaining. Also L-shaped sofas can make a great focal point in the middle of a large room!
Items that can make a room more unique and interesting are things like side tables and other pieces of furniture like odd armchairs and poofs. I really like this side table which is made from just a block of wood. Also this poof/coffee table is really cute and versatile as you could change the fabric to suit your room! This old wood crate is a creative way to hold photographs, the mix of old and new is really on trend!
Lastly photographs are a lovely way to inject personality into a room especially a living room. I really like these two photographs of home and think some black and white photographs of where I'm from would be a really nice touch!

What would you have in your dream living room?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blogger Competition: Willow & Clo “Sound Waves” Competition

Hey Everyone, 
as some of you might already know I recently started doing some PR work for Willow&Clo which is a Jewellery brand by Irish Designer and Goldsmith Chloe Townsend. The jewellery is amazing and the new "Sound Waves" collection has got to be the most interesting collection I have seen in a long time. 

So with the launch of the new collection, Willow&Clo thought it would be a great idea to run a bloggers competition to win a piece from the Sound Waves collection (as well as two other prizes for the runners up)! Obviously I can't enter (Jealous!) but I wanted to let you know as it is a fantastic competition that is open worldwide to all bloggers. All the details are below and if you would like the competition information sent directly to you, you can email me at willowandclopr@gmail.com!

Willow & Clo Celebrate New Jewellery Collection “Sound Waves”  with a Blogger Competition
The enthralling new “Sound Wave Collection” by Chloe Townsend founder of Willow & Clo is inspired by music and formed using the beautiful waves that sound creates. Secret messages and hopeful words, only the wearer knows what it says. Choose to keep it close to your heart or express yourself through the language of music.

To celebrate the launch of this beautiful collection we are running a bloggers competition. All you have to do is create a “Sound Waves” inspired mood board, like the one below, made up of your favourite three (or more) pieces from the collection, your message which could be a word/music lyric/or proverb that you would put on a piece in the form of Sound Waves, and don’t forget to tell us why. 
The Prizes:
1. The winning Blogger will win their favourite piece from the “Sound Waves” Collection.
2. Green Quarts Necklace from Puddle Collection (HERE)
3. Citrine Necklace from Puddle Collection (View it HERE!) 

To enter follow these simple instructions:
1. Create a Blog post Mood Board. Pick a minimum of three items from the “Sound Waves” Collection to add to your mood board (you can find the collection on the Willow&Clo Website HERE!)
2. Get Creative and Include a message, word, or saying you would like to see as part of the Sound Wave Collection. Don’t forget to tell us why you choose it. IF we really love the winning tag line we will put it into production as an added bonus.
3. To enter your blog post into our competition: post your Sound Waves mood board onto your blog and email us your link/URL to willowandclopr@gmail.com To be in with a chance of winning.
4. Tweet, Like, and Share!  Spread the word! Use the Hashtags #WillowandCloSoundwaves and let us know via @WillowandClo
5. Any Blogger can enter and the competition is open worldwide
6. We are looking for thought, personality and creativity.
The competition will end on July 31st 2013.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Lancome Dreamtone Event at The Morrison Hotel

Hey Everyone,
Last Monday I was very kindly invited to Lancome's launch of their new skincare product Dreamtone, at The Morrison Hotel.
Dreamtone targets age spots and is a skin pigmentation corrector for specific skin concerns. There are three types 1,2, or 3 to cover the wide variety of skin tones. The caliber of Lancome's serums is already seriously high so here's hoping this one is as good as the rest!
The Morrison Hotel was a brilliant location for the event, I had never been there before but it was amazing and being right on the Quays it is a great central location. The evening was lovely and the weather seriously helped, as a lot of people gathered in the court yard to enjoy their drinks and chat about the product! 

Have you tried a Lancome Serum? 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Shine On Blog Award

Hey Everyone,
This week I have been super cheery loving work, loving the sunshine and then I got nominated for the Shine On Blog Award by the very lovely Sarah from Adoreabubbles and also Lilliwhiterose whom I've just discovered but I'm loving her blog! Thank you so much girls you made my smile even bigger this week!  
So for the Shine On Award you have to share 7 facts about yourself and then nominate 15 bloggers for the award to do the same, its all about sharing the love and I think its such a lovely idea! 

My 7 Facts:
1. I love to bake and would love to run a little bakery in the country when I retire, I love food! 

2. I was named after a great aunt who now lives Africa and is a nun! Whattttt?

3. I'm not really a fan of sweets but I love chocolate! 

4. I have very few friends as we have just drifted apart over the years and also from moving!

5. I'm very picky not over food which is normally what that would mean but about everything else I never pick up the first item off the shelf instead will take it from the back, I will examine what I'm going to buy first when clothes shopping to make sure it has no flaws and I'm a bit of a perfectionist!

6. My cousins are like my sisters and I luurvve them this much...Oh wait you can't see my arms!

7. I like to think I'm quirky, really I'm just plain nuts but I'm still shy! I love to listen to music and dance around like a manic person, but the small things make me happy like doing something new for my blog or for work that I'm happy with (revert back to fact 5!) It makes me smile and happy! 

8. I hate odd numbers (hense why I couldn't leave this on 7!) except for 5's because I like that times table. 
Image Source
I Nominate: 
1. Catherine - www.catherinemurphy2808.blogspot.ie
2. Chloe - http://www.willowandclo.ie/#/blog/4561018457
3. Grace - www.ziegfeldgirlbeauty.blogspot.com
4. Bree - www.theurbanumbrella.com
5. Rachel - www.beautyqueenuk.blogspot.co.uk/
6. Sarah - www.princesswatshernameblogs.blogspot.ie/
7. Orla - www.makeupovermind.com/
8. Christine - www.littlerdbw.blogspot.ca/
9. Mairead - www.bookmarkstobeautymarks.blogspot.com
10. Sarah - www.eyeshadowaddictsanonymous.com/
11. www.makeupmonster.ie
12. Ellen - www.alittlebitunique.blogspot.co.uk/
13. Audrey - www.nail-affair.blogspot.com
14. Luchessa - www.luchessa.org
15. and last but definitely not least is lovely Anne Marie - www.girlfridaysbeautyblog.wordpress.com

Thanks again to the girls for nominating me! and I hope you enjoy my facts! 

Also if you have a minute to spare Please Nominate for me HERE! for the Irish Blog Awards 2013! It would mean so much to me! I would love to be nominated in the categories...Best Popculture Blog, Best Designed Blog, and Best Beauty/Fashion Blog! Thank you! x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lancôme Alber Elbaz collection

Hey Everyone, You might have spotted the new Lancôme Alber Elbaz at your local Lancome stand this month, I know I certainly did. The packaging is seriously amazing I love the quirky yet stylish designs. 

Here's what Youcef S. Nabi, Lancôme's President had to say about the colaboration:“Alber Elbaz is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most influential fashion designers. But beyond that, he is also the most talented, his sense of luxury, his vision of femininity and that hint of audacity resonate perfectly with the new values of the Maison Lancôme. We are extremely proud and happy that, with us, he is set to channel his universe into the world of make-up for the very first time.”

This collection is all about the eyes and Alber Elbaz has designed for four of Lancomes most loved mascaras as well as Mono eye shadows, and the new hypnose pallette. The designs are Hearts, Stars and Poka-Dots, whats not to love?
I tried out Ombre Hypnose Star Eyes Shadow, I have to first admit that I had never tried a Lancome eye shadow before and I was pleasantly surprised I don't know why I had waited so long to try one. The colour pay off and pigmentation was pretty awesome,  It has a slight shimmer to it that some people don't like but I have to say I'm a fan of a good shimmer eye shadow day or night! 
I know most of you will be terrified by the colour of this and run a million miles as soon as you see a blue eye shadow but actually this isn't that blue. I was a bit scared when I first saw it but once swatched it became a beautiful almost steel colour. I think this would be perfect for the summer, and if your still scared it looks amazing on the inner part of the eye when used with a black shadow to create a smoked out look. It also looks really beautiful as an added pop of colour to the outer corner of the eye and bottom lash line. 
But What I've really got my eye on now is the Hearts Hypnose Doll Eyes Palette .. beautiful pinks and browns would create a perfect smokey eye for my green eyes or a subtle every day eye, it looks like such a versatile palette. 

Have you seen or tried the new collection yet?

Also if you have a minute to spare Please Nominate for me HERE! for the Irish Blog Awards 2013! It would mean so much to me! I would love to be nominated in the categories...Best Popculture Blog, Best Designed Blog, and Best Beauty/Fashion Blog! Thank you! x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Time

Hey Everyone, 
What with this amazing weather we've been having (long may it continue) I'm feeling very summery, and in a super duper good mood... must be all that vitamin D! So I thought I'd share with you some images that have been putting me in the summery mood:

Don't they just lift your mood! Have you been enjoying this summer?

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lancôme Gloss In Love

Hey Everyone,
Lancôme  have just launched their new line, Gloss In Love. This new line is high gloss, super pigmented and comes in 12 shades. The Shades range from vibrant pinks to oranges, perfect summer shades! 
What I have been loving about these glosses is although they are really pigmented and quite thick feeling on your lips there not sticky like other glosses I have tried. Sticky glosses in the past have put me off using this type of product but the new Gloss In Love's have really changed my mind. They also smell like vanilla which makes me just want to eat them. 
I got the shades 323 and 341 both are pretty pinks. shade 323 is such a pale pink it looks almost like a clear gloss once applied but it is shot through with a shimmery pink glitter. The glitter scared me a lot when I first saw it, but although looks large in the tube once applied its actually really subtle. 341 is a slightly darker shade of pink and just enhances my natural lip colour, it has a small amount of glitter as well but this is not as noticeable as in the previous shade. 

One last thing to mention is the applicator itself, it is doe foot shaped which I love as it collects more product spreading it evenly... but what's special about this particular one is that it is a lot bigger. In fact its big enough that it covers my whole bottom lip in one swipe! Great for quick, easy application. 

What do you make of the new Gloss in Love line? Have you tried this lip gloss yet?

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Top 5 Statement Necklaces for the Summer

Hey Everyone,
I'm really into jewellery at the moment and I am especially loving statement necklaces. Whether your using a statement necklace to jazz up and outfit or your going all out, they are the must have accessory of the summer! SO in no particular order, here is my Top 5 Statement Necklaces for the Summer:

1. This Necklace is a bold chunky piece that intertwines lengths of beads and chains, although its chunky it still manages to be pretty. I think this would look amazing with a black dress or with a really colourful day outfit. It is from Accessorize and you can find it HERE!

2. A statement of another kind can be made with this necklace from Willow&Clo, It is from their new Sound Waves Collection which has sound waves of sayings, words, and proverbs engraved on the pieces. This necklace say's "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the Stars". I think this is such a unique and lovely idea, you can find it HERE!

3. Is a simple style of statement necklace, if your not a fan of chunky, or collar style necklaces this might be for you. The stone is a beautiful turquoise colour and is larger than you would think, making it a cute and wearable statement necklace. You can find it HERE! 

4. If you are loving the neon trend this summer you are going to love this necklace. It is bright, bold, and very pretty. I love the combination of colours, and that it tie's with a ribbon making it different to all the others which have clasps. Why not try it with another cute summer trend, the simple white dress...I think this would seriously make you stand out. You can find it HERE!

5. Last but not least is this Pilgrim necklace. It's definitely the most edgy necklace of the bunch, so if you are hot on your fashion trends this might be the one for you! You can find it HERE!

How would you style a Statement Necklace? Which is your favourite?

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