Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lancôme Gloss In Love

Hey Everyone,
Lancôme  have just launched their new line, Gloss In Love. This new line is high gloss, super pigmented and comes in 12 shades. The Shades range from vibrant pinks to oranges, perfect summer shades! 
What I have been loving about these glosses is although they are really pigmented and quite thick feeling on your lips there not sticky like other glosses I have tried. Sticky glosses in the past have put me off using this type of product but the new Gloss In Love's have really changed my mind. They also smell like vanilla which makes me just want to eat them. 
I got the shades 323 and 341 both are pretty pinks. shade 323 is such a pale pink it looks almost like a clear gloss once applied but it is shot through with a shimmery pink glitter. The glitter scared me a lot when I first saw it, but although looks large in the tube once applied its actually really subtle. 341 is a slightly darker shade of pink and just enhances my natural lip colour, it has a small amount of glitter as well but this is not as noticeable as in the previous shade. 

One last thing to mention is the applicator itself, it is doe foot shaped which I love as it collects more product spreading it evenly... but what's special about this particular one is that it is a lot bigger. In fact its big enough that it covers my whole bottom lip in one swipe! Great for quick, easy application. 

What do you make of the new Gloss in Love line? Have you tried this lip gloss yet?

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  1. This looks so pretty and i love the sound of the applicator too! Great review!

    BlogLovin' | Blog | Facebook

    1. Thank you! Yer I really like it find it easy to apply without a mirror! :) x

  2. I have tried a few of their lip glosses... I like them but the applicator throws me off!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous


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