Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Dream Home: Walk in Wardrobe

Hey Everyone, 
over past few months I have done a couple of interior design posts including "My Dream Living Room" and "My Bedroom: Before and After". So continuing with the theme of my dream home I thought I would do another post. This time a room that I have always dreamed of having in my home, every girls dream... a walk in wardrobe!
If I had my own walk in wardrobe I would want it to be somewhere that feels and looks luxurious, therefore I would almost want it to seem like my own boutique. I would definitely get rails and storage like the dark wood above to make it feel a bit more high end. A lot of storage would be needed but I wouldn't want it to feel to cluttered. I think it would be lovely to display my shoes, whether they are on show or in boxes!
I love the idea of a sliding ladder, I have always dreamed of having one whether in a wardrobe or library. I have an obsession with vintage trunks I just think they are subtly beautiful, and would look amazing stacked on top of each other in this room. I also like painted furniture to add a pop of colour, teal is beautiful but cream and gold can look really sophisticated with dark wood elsewhere. Taupe and grey's are the colours I would choose to paint the walls (to keep in with the feeling of a boutique), I probably wood stick to paint and avoid decorative wall paper due to the amount of furniture in the room, I wouldn't want it to become to fussy!
  /Chateau Bench Stool/ Large Mirror/ Chateau Gaston Armchair/ Decorative Lighting/
Extra touches like good seating is a must! I know a lot of people might find it strange to have seating in a walk in wardrobe but I think its essential! These two luxury pieces from Chaise Longue Boutique are exactly what I would want. First the bench stool is somewhere that you could lounge and relax, and a great place to add decorative cushions to add some colour to the room. The chair is just gorgeous. It is in keeping with my theme and the painted wood will help to lighten up the space! A floor length mirror is a beautiful touch to a dressing room as you can see head to toe, therefore helpful when choosing an outfit. Also mirrors reflects light and space to create the illusion of more space! Lastly these decorative metal flower lights from habitat create soft mood lighting and add a pretty touch to the overall effect.
A girl can dream, I would absolutely to recreate this room now! Hopefully one day I will be able to.

What would you include in your dream walk in wardrobe?


  1. I would love a walk-in wardrobe, one that I could fill with shoes xx


    1. Me too but I would love rails and rails of clothes it would be amazing! :) x

  2. Great inspiration Hannah! I am remodeling my closet right now w/ IKEA PAX system! I may blog about it when I'm all done! :)

    1. Amazing! definitely do a blog post! I love reading posts about storage and such like! Let me know if you do! :) x

  3. Ohhhmaagaaaad how amazing is that shoe storage! My room desperately needs a makeover! Would love another room for my wardrobe, that is the dream. x

    Rachael | beautypea

    1. I no right crazy amazing! Yep me to hopefully one day! :) x

  4. Some lovely ideas!

    I can only dream to have shoe storage like that one day!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Thank you! Me too it would be amazing! :) x


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