Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Dream Living Room

Hey Everyone,
A couple of months a go I did a post on "My Bedroom Before and After" (HERE!) explaining how living in rented accommodation can be hard as you can’t redecorate in many cases, and therefore I use staging to make my flat homely and personalized.
As I said before staging is a temporary way of presenting, e.g putting cushions onto a sofa or hanging a picture on a wall. You can find more information on home staging HERE!
I thought this time I would do a post on my living room but again living in rented accommodation its not what I would have chosen myself. Instead I thought I would show you what my dream living room would look like! 
A large fireplace can be a great focal feature in a room, not forgetting how cozy and inviting a large open fire can be in the winter. I also like the idea of a feature wall, one wall that's different from the rest e.g the other walls are painted but the feature wall has a nice patterned paper on it. I think that can especially look great on the same wall as a fireplace if its not as big. I like the idea of large windows or glass doors that open out onto the garden as they are great in the summer. In terms of staging you really can't go wrong with cushions and throws to make a living room seem more homely. Mirrors reflect light as well as the space to make a room seem bigger. I'm a huge fan of large L-shaped sofa's, its really important to have comfortable seating and these are great for large families or entertaining. Also L-shaped sofas can make a great focal point in the middle of a large room!
Items that can make a room more unique and interesting are things like side tables and other pieces of furniture like odd armchairs and poofs. I really like this side table which is made from just a block of wood. Also this poof/coffee table is really cute and versatile as you could change the fabric to suit your room! This old wood crate is a creative way to hold photographs, the mix of old and new is really on trend!
Lastly photographs are a lovely way to inject personality into a room especially a living room. I really like these two photographs of home and think some black and white photographs of where I'm from would be a really nice touch!

What would you have in your dream living room?


  1. I love feature walls! I really like the idea of having pictures up of where you are from!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Me too I wish I could decorate so much! :) x

  2. I've always wanted a big massive old-style bookshelf, but our living room is too small :( Mirrors are great!

    1. I really want a whole library room lol! Love books! :) x


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