Thursday, 11 July 2013

Shine On Blog Award

Hey Everyone,
This week I have been super cheery loving work, loving the sunshine and then I got nominated for the Shine On Blog Award by the very lovely Sarah from Adoreabubbles and also Lilliwhiterose whom I've just discovered but I'm loving her blog! Thank you so much girls you made my smile even bigger this week!  
So for the Shine On Award you have to share 7 facts about yourself and then nominate 15 bloggers for the award to do the same, its all about sharing the love and I think its such a lovely idea! 

My 7 Facts:
1. I love to bake and would love to run a little bakery in the country when I retire, I love food! 

2. I was named after a great aunt who now lives Africa and is a nun! Whattttt?

3. I'm not really a fan of sweets but I love chocolate! 

4. I have very few friends as we have just drifted apart over the years and also from moving!

5. I'm very picky not over food which is normally what that would mean but about everything else I never pick up the first item off the shelf instead will take it from the back, I will examine what I'm going to buy first when clothes shopping to make sure it has no flaws and I'm a bit of a perfectionist!

6. My cousins are like my sisters and I luurvve them this much...Oh wait you can't see my arms!

7. I like to think I'm quirky, really I'm just plain nuts but I'm still shy! I love to listen to music and dance around like a manic person, but the small things make me happy like doing something new for my blog or for work that I'm happy with (revert back to fact 5!) It makes me smile and happy! 

8. I hate odd numbers (hense why I couldn't leave this on 7!) except for 5's because I like that times table. 
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I Nominate: 
1. Catherine -
2. Chloe -
3. Grace -
4. Bree -
5. Rachel -
6. Sarah -
7. Orla -
8. Christine -
9. Mairead -
10. Sarah -
12. Ellen -
13. Audrey -
14. Luchessa -
15. and last but definitely not least is lovely Anne Marie -

Thanks again to the girls for nominating me! and I hope you enjoy my facts! 

Also if you have a minute to spare Please Nominate for me HERE! for the Irish Blog Awards 2013! It would mean so much to me! I would love to be nominated in the categories...Best Popculture Blog, Best Designed Blog, and Best Beauty/Fashion Blog! Thank you! x


  1. Thanks for the nomination hun, will sort this and schedule it xx


  2. Thank you for the nomination! I do have twitter, but I never use it. I need to try to start networking... my handle is EyeshadowAA.

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  3. Thank you so much for the mention and thanks for doing the post. Loved your even numbered facts and helps to get to know you a little bit more :-) i love your blog too x

    1. Your welcome thanks for tagging me! Ah thanks so much hun! :) x

  4. Thanks a lot for the nomination, so sweet of you!! xoxo
    Btw my besties are like my sisters - we love & fight like family :)

  5. Thank you Hannah :). I hate odd numbers too lol.

    1. hehe more people than I thought are agreeing on this! :) x

  6. I'm so like you when it comes to odd numbers! I can't ever have the volume on an odd number it's just wrong! Also agree about my cousins, I don't have sisters, I have close cousins instead (in Ireland actually!) :)

    (thanks for sending your link to me in the #bbloggers chat tonight - now following!)

    Makeup Pixi3

    1. OMG me to I get so funny about the volume love it when volumes aren't numbers makes things so much easier!
      Thanks so much for following hun! :) x

  7. My cousins are like my sisters too, must be an Irish thing :) I just gave you a nomination in the Irish blog awards, good luck you'll do fab and thanks for tagging me, you're so lovely Hannah

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. haha maybe so! Ah thank you so much hun! Your welcome you deserve it hope you had a lovely birthday! :) x


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