Wednesday, 28 August 2013

On Set At Willow&Clo's Photoshoot and Brown Thomas Create!

Hey Everyone, 
as some of you might already know I started working for Chloe Townsend Designer and Goldsmith of amazing jewellery brand Willow&Clo at the end of May. On Saturday the 11th August (2013) we collected up all the jewellery and headed out to Donabate for a day long photo-shoot. The photo-shoot lasted from 10 in the morning to around 12 that evening, so it was a long but fun day. The photographer Ivan Cummins, was amazing and we had three beautiful models who modeled the jewellery brilliantly. 
Having never been out to Donabate before I was surprised at just how beautiful it was and Chloe and Ivan found some amazing locations to shoot in.
I thought you might be interested to see some of the behind the scenes shots taken by Catie at the shoot. I really can't wait to see the finished pictures, Chloe's jewellery is incredible so I'm sure the pictures will be too!
/Chloe arriving at studio/Cat and Emma Doing Hair And Makeup/ Me Sorting Through Wardrobe/ Jewellery Laid Out/
Soma And Me Talking Makeup/ On Set/ Me arranging Claire's Hair/ On Set/
/Chloe and Myself in Brown Thomas/
Chloe's Jewellery brand Willow&Clo is featured in this years Brown Thomas Create event which is running from 27th August- 27th September (2013) on the first floor of the Grafton Street store. Chloe herself will even be in store some days to discuss her jewellery with you, so if you are in the area and are interested in Irish design you should definitely check it out.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tag: If You Could Only Have One ______ What Would It Be?

Hey Everyone,
Last week I was tagged by the lovely Rachel from BeautyQueenUK to do the tag "If you could only have one ______ what would it be?". I think this tag is a great idea as it shows all your favourite products. I actually found it a lot easier than I thought it would be to pick my favorites...

MAC Prep and Prime - A basic primer that works really well!

Base Product:
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Light Vanilla) - Why spend a fortune on a high end foundation when Bourjois do this amazing one for a fraction of the price. Medium coverage that blends really naturally without being cakey.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - A recent discovery that I now couldn't go without. I've actually started going without foundation because of this. Using only a small amount on problem areas and blending it out for a natural look.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I like to use a powder to prevent shine throughout the day and I find this to be excellent. I use the transparent powder because I'm pale this doesn't add any colour to my face. It doesn't clog my pores.
Blush (cream or powder):
Benefit Dandelion - I love Benefit box blushers, I think they are great quality and their packaging is so cute. Dandelion is my favourite because it is a really subtle colour, perfect for pale skin tones.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Again another Benefit box product. This bronzer is great for contouring, I find it easy to pick up a small amount on a brush so that it doesn't become muddy or look to heavy. However it is also buildable for those with a darker skin tone than myself.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft and Gentle) - I cannot rave about this product enough, it is beautiful! It has different tones swirled into one to create the perfect sun kissed highlight. I apply it to my cheek, brow bones and even along the center of my nose.

Make-Up Brush (single):
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I thought for a while about choosing an eye shadow brush but I couldn't not choose this brush, its to awesome! Its the first brush I've ever used for foundation that actually blends into my skin naturally and creates a flawless finish. I use it by buffing the foundation in circular motions into the skin.
 Eyebrow Product:
MAC Eye Shadow (Mystery) - for eyebrows I chose this MAC eye shadow because its the perfect colour for my brows. As it is a powder you are able to subtly blend it into the eyebrow to look more natural/not as harsh as a pencil. It can also double up as another eye shaddow.

Eye shadow (single):
Urban Decay (Virgin) - I wanted to choose my whole Naked Palette one, but as I was only allowed one shadow it would have to be virgin. Something that's a neutral colour with a slight shimmer, perfect for every day wear.

24/7 Glide On Pencil (Bourbon)- For an eyeliner I chose Urban Decay because they are creamy and long lasting. The colour Bourbon is a deep brown which I find slightly more wearable for day to day because it is not as harsh as black. It also could be blended onto the lid to create a smokey eye.

Benefit They're Real Mascara - In my opinion this is the most dramatic mascara out there, it really makes a difference to my lashes making them look fuller and twice the size.
Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain:
MAC Lipstick (Creme Cup) - The perfect every day pink toned nude. If I had to pick one lipstick it would be a nude because a natural lip will never go out of trend, but a bright lip might!

Lip Liner:
Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lipliner Tiramisu - A pinky coloured lip liner or nude are great because they can be used under any colour, making them the most versatile product.

Lip Balm:
Burts Bees - I love this lip balm, I use it at night to keep my lips smooth and prevent that awful dry gathered look when applying lipstick. This smells minty which I really like as it is fresh and natural.

Nail Polish:
Butter London Cuppa - I chose a nude nail polish for the same reasons I chose a nude lipstick, its more likely to stay on trend and looks natural making it versatile and wearable.
I tag anyone that wants to do this tag, as well as:

Thanks again Rachel for tagging me!
What would you choose?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Parcel Motel Above And Beyond

Hey Everyone,
If you live in Ireland you know the difficulties of shopping online... Finding out at the checkout that the product you want can only be delivered within the UK is pretty annoying. Parcel Motel solves that problem for you. You use Parcel Motel sort of like a drive through local courier service, so no more annoying slips in the post when your not at home. 
 Parcel Motel works by entering their Belfast address into the contact details when purchasing your product of choice along with your name and your PM number. Once it is deliver to Belfast, PM then ship it down to your local drop off point. which is when it gets cool, they text you when it arrives with your code, and it is held for 24 hours. You can pop down whenever you want within that time (in the middle if the night if you so wish) then you just put in your number and code into the touch screen and... POP one of the doors opens out and you can collect whats inside. 
It kinda reminds me of safety deposit boxes from films.
It only cost €3.50 per stay and then the delivery costs from the company you order from, but with a lot more now offering free delivery within the UK and voucher codes, you might only have to pay the €3.50! Bargain, if your a beauty lover who normally can't get anything delivered to Ireland. Yes this means MAC ladies!
I recently used Parcel Motel when ordering online. I had ordered from a well known website it all arrived perfectly but when I opened the package the site had sent me the wrong product, and it was not cheap either. I contacted the company and to be quite honest they were down right rude! However I contacted parcel motel and they were amazing! They organised for it to be sent back and when the company finally agreed to take it back and send me a new one PM took all the stress away and my new product was with me within days! They went above and beyond to help and I couldn't fault their service at all! 
I would personally like to Thank Ruth, David and Nathan for all their help with sorting everything out!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rant: A Disgusting Man

Hey Everyone,
I usually try to keep anything negative away from llandmakeup as I want this is be a positive space but something has really annoyed me I need to vent!
I’m not the type of girl that bitches about men or anything like that, having been raised solely by a man I tend so find men easier to converse with and feel more comfortable around them, which is probably why I have so little female friends :(
... but something happened a few days ago that made me need to have a moan, sorry for all the complaining I'm about to do!

I was in a popular clothing store looking for a top in my size and a women passed me followed by her child and I suspect her husband. As he passed me he pinched my arse. Now I’m not talking about a little tap that could be mistaken for someone brushing passed you, but a full on pinch/squeeze. I was needless to say stunned, at first I just stood there shocked and then I got pretty angry pretty fast. I’m not a violent person by any means (to be quite honest I'm against violence of any kind) but in that moment I really wanted to punch this guy square in the face. How dare this disgusting man who was definitely old enough to know better do that to me.  It took every bit of restraint in me to not go absolutely nuts, and I would of definitely had a few choice words for him if it wasn't for the fact that he had a young child with him. I did however feel extremely sorry for his wife/girlfriend who carried on shopping oblivious to the idiot she was with.

I’m honestly still shocked and angry, even a couple of days on. I thought the days of men thinking they can objectify women was long gone! 
So I want to know has this ever happened to you? and how did you deal with it? 
Was I justified in my anger or is this just a normal every day occurrence? 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wishlist: Last Of The Summer Sun

Hey Everyone,
as its coming towards the end of the summer and we enjoy the last bit of sun I thought I would do a final summer wishlist. This is for the pieces I've been lusting after recently that are still summer appropriate! 

This dress is so pretty I love the tiny floral print. I think the colours are also great for carrying you through till autumn, although at that point you might need to pair it with some tights.

This beautiful Christina Belle necklace is just amazing,  with its layers and different stones. The blue is a beautiful colour, and I just think this piece is so versatile. I've recently discovered Belle's jewellery and I'm loving it!

I couldn't not include my favourite earrings from Willow&Clo... The mix of coloured stones, and chain make this piece stand out from the crowd! Although I've included it in this wishlist, these earrings would be great in any season!

White was such a huge trend this summer and I still can't help but be drawn to it! I really love this dress as it has the feminine feel with the white fabric, but it could take you from office to night out due to the structure. 

This type of bodycon jacquard skirt has been seen everywhere on the highstreet this season from Zara to H&M. In particular I like this skirt because of the on trend blue print, it is a more subtle version of the Aztec style that is so popular.

The print on this dress caught my eye as it reminds me of the sea, plus I think these 3/4 length sleeve shift dresses are really wearable and cute with a pair of pumps!

I know this is a weird one but last week I found out I was long listed for Best design and Best Beauty/Fashion Blog in The Blog Awards Ireland. I was seriously over the moon, and it would be amazing to make it to the shortlist! 
It would be so incredible as so many of my favourite blogs are also on the list and I would love to be shortlisted with them. If you voted thank you again so much, and good luck to those long listed!

What would be on your Last Of The Summer Sun Wishlist?

Friday, 16 August 2013

You're Invited to Sure's Compressed Event! #Sure5in5

Hey Everyone,
just wanted to do a quick post to tell you all about the Sure Compressed event #Sure5in5, happening in Fitzwilliam Square on Saturday August 24th. This free event which runs from 11am-4pm where there will be activities such as manicures and massages, catching up on emails, smoothies with friends and even a yoga sessions.
 Hopefully some of you will be able to go and I might see you there!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dove Body Wash Blue Fig and Orange Blossom

Hey Everyone,
I know I keep raving on about it but my love of Dove continues, even with the new scent Blue Fig and Orange Blossom.
This is definitely going to be a love it or hate it scent, as you know (if you have previously read my blog) I'm pretty picky about scents preferring fresh to flowery powdery/ strong smells.This however breaks all my normal rules, and I kinda like it. When I first smelt it in the bottle I decided nope this definitely is not for me... Way to sweet smelling, but when I tried it in the shower I was so wrong! 
In its pure form yes it was a little overpowering for me, but when washed off in the shower it actually left a more subtle smell which I really liked! The smell reminds me of the old penny sweets fruit salads (they used to come in a pack with black jacks).
The formulation is the same which of course I love, I find Dove body washes are the only ones that don’t dry out my skin, leaving it feeling super soft. Of course their original is my favourite scent, yet I really don’t think you can go wrong with this. If you’re a fan of fruity sweet smells this is definitely one for you!
Another great product from Dove!

Have you tried this scent yet? Which is your favourite? 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Nominated in The Blog Awards Ireland 2013

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to do a quick post to say a huge THANK YOU! 
I just found out I was nominated for Best Blog Design and Best Beauty/Fashion Blog in The Blog Awards Ireland 2013! I am over the moon, I appreciate so much each and every one of you that took the time to nominate me it means so much! 
This past year has been a crazy one for Love, Life, and Makeup... A lot has happened, and it means so much to me that you take the time to read what I have to say. Every tweet and comment seriously makes my day!

Love you all!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Hey Everyone, 
last weekend I packed up the car and took the long journey home to Kerry for the bank holiday. I try to go home as often as I can, but I find the older I get the more difficult it becomes... living and working in Dublin definitely has its draw backs!
My Aunt and Uncle were visiting at the same time so it was lovely to catch up with them and on the Sunday we even had a BBQ, which I had been waiting for all summer as I'm not supposed to have one in my flat! The rest of the time was just spent chilling out at home and going for walks!

What did you do last weekend?

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Coldlilies AW13 Collection Press Preview

Hey Everyone,

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Coldlilies AW13 Press Preview event at the South Studio's in Dublin 8! It was lovely to meet Kim & Ciara and the rest of the Coldlilies gang. Some designers featured on the night were Úna Burke, Loulou Grenelle's, Kat & Bee's, Muireann Walshe's, as well as Melissa Curry, Anna Byers, Daniela Cardillo, Tatty Devine, Chupi Sweetman-Pell, and my favourite of the night Christina Belle.
 I absolutely fell in love with a tassel necklace by Christina Belle with a kind of ombre beading effect in the tassel! I Love it so much (I'm still thinking about it)!

It was an amazing event with brilliant designers on show and amazingly tasty cupcakes via the The Bakehouse. They even had an instagram competition for the best picture of the night! 
Thank you Coldlilies for a lovely evening!

Have you visited Coldlilies website yet?

Friday, 2 August 2013

Irrational Fear or Justified

Hey Everyone,
the other night while on twitter I noticed a tweet from a fellow blogger about a hair raising situation...There was a crane fly in her room! Yes that's right a CRANE FLY, those freaky long legged flying spiders. Her fear to me was totally justified as fellow scaredy cat of such things, but that got me thinking about other things I'm afraid of and then I came to the strange realization that they were all things that could fly! 

Granted the majority of people are scared of creepy crawlies and such, like spiders but not me my fears include (but are not limited to) moths, fly's, crane fly's, daddy long legs, birds and PIGEONS. 

I give pigeons there own special mention as they do not classify as normal birds they are the demon of normal birds and don't tell me there not, those things have red eyes! I knew a pigeon once I know it was the same pigeon because he used to taunt me! He used to sit on my window sill and then everyday when I opened the blinds there he was starring at me... It was like something out of a horror film and did he have any notion of moving, hell no. He would just stay and stare. Then every day around lunch time when I sat down with a sandwich he would appear again just starring at me with his crazy eyes and give an auld hoot to make me jump. I have a few words for that pigeon, none of which I could repeat on here! 

My fear of birds is purely because who wants anything flapping around in their face, and then there's those beaks surely they could do some serious damage? Fly's well we all know where they've been and what they produce no thank you! Moths, daddy long legs, and crane fly's if you were brought up in the country and your bathroom was already pretty grim, and you had to go in there at night after the window had been open all day... god help you my friend. The ceiling would be covered in millions of buzzing insects, and if you even chanced switching on the light you were a dare devil because that was like a disco for those critters! 

So are my fear just irrational nonsense or am justified in being completely bat sh*t crazy? 

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