Wednesday, 28 August 2013

On Set At Willow&Clo's Photoshoot and Brown Thomas Create!

Hey Everyone, 
as some of you might already know I started working for Chloe Townsend Designer and Goldsmith of amazing jewellery brand Willow&Clo at the end of May. On Saturday the 11th August (2013) we collected up all the jewellery and headed out to Donabate for a day long photo-shoot. The photo-shoot lasted from 10 in the morning to around 12 that evening, so it was a long but fun day. The photographer Ivan Cummins, was amazing and we had three beautiful models who modeled the jewellery brilliantly. 
Having never been out to Donabate before I was surprised at just how beautiful it was and Chloe and Ivan found some amazing locations to shoot in.
I thought you might be interested to see some of the behind the scenes shots taken by Catie at the shoot. I really can't wait to see the finished pictures, Chloe's jewellery is incredible so I'm sure the pictures will be too!
/Chloe arriving at studio/Cat and Emma Doing Hair And Makeup/ Me Sorting Through Wardrobe/ Jewellery Laid Out/
Soma And Me Talking Makeup/ On Set/ Me arranging Claire's Hair/ On Set/
/Chloe and Myself in Brown Thomas/
Chloe's Jewellery brand Willow&Clo is featured in this years Brown Thomas Create event which is running from 27th August- 27th September (2013) on the first floor of the Grafton Street store. Chloe herself will even be in store some days to discuss her jewellery with you, so if you are in the area and are interested in Irish design you should definitely check it out.


  1. I love behind-the-scenes posts! You look great Hannah x

    1. Thank you so much! So glad you like the post! :) x


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