Friday, 23 August 2013

Parcel Motel Above And Beyond

Hey Everyone,
If you live in Ireland you know the difficulties of shopping online... Finding out at the checkout that the product you want can only be delivered within the UK is pretty annoying. Parcel Motel solves that problem for you. You use Parcel Motel sort of like a drive through local courier service, so no more annoying slips in the post when your not at home. 
 Parcel Motel works by entering their Belfast address into the contact details when purchasing your product of choice along with your name and your PM number. Once it is deliver to Belfast, PM then ship it down to your local drop off point. which is when it gets cool, they text you when it arrives with your code, and it is held for 24 hours. You can pop down whenever you want within that time (in the middle if the night if you so wish) then you just put in your number and code into the touch screen and... POP one of the doors opens out and you can collect whats inside. 
It kinda reminds me of safety deposit boxes from films.
It only cost €3.50 per stay and then the delivery costs from the company you order from, but with a lot more now offering free delivery within the UK and voucher codes, you might only have to pay the €3.50! Bargain, if your a beauty lover who normally can't get anything delivered to Ireland. Yes this means MAC ladies!
I recently used Parcel Motel when ordering online. I had ordered from a well known website it all arrived perfectly but when I opened the package the site had sent me the wrong product, and it was not cheap either. I contacted the company and to be quite honest they were down right rude! However I contacted parcel motel and they were amazing! They organised for it to be sent back and when the company finally agreed to take it back and send me a new one PM took all the stress away and my new product was with me within days! They went above and beyond to help and I couldn't fault their service at all! 
I would personally like to Thank Ruth, David and Nathan for all their help with sorting everything out!


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