Sunday, 22 September 2013

8 Trends To Watch Out For This Autumn Winter

Hey Everyone,
with the new season comes new trends and although some might miss the summer sun I'm looking forward to cosy layers and bright makeup looks! Here are my 8 trends to look out for and enjoy this Autumn/Winter:

A 90's throw back, however some would say it never went out of fashion (myself included). Pick it up in accessories like scarfs or if you want to go the whole hog you can find it in coats, trousers, and jumpers. It can be more subtle in navy and black or go bright and traditional in this bright red.
Cocoon Coat:
these  shapeless coats are back in this year, it's not a trend I'm a huge fan of but you can't deny it will definitely keep you warm. It has transferred from catwalk to high street and is hugely popular.
 Dark Floral's:
Floral although prominent in the summer it comes in the form of deep and darker colours to satisfy our flowery needs during autumn and winter. This Oasis dress is a perfect example of the feminine trend.
 Red Eye Shadow:
Popular on catwalks and wearable for us every day folks in a subtle form, I think this can look lovely on anyone if you can find the shade to suit you. Mac's Cranberry can work really well as a wearable alternative to a solid red.

Sequins always make an appearance at winter and this years no exception skirts, tops, and even jumpers will be bling-ed out for your enjoyment.
Berry Lips:
My favourite A/W trend is berry lips, it can look great on anyone, just have the confidence to go bold and get the right colour for your skintone. I love Mac's Rebel and Sleek's Cherry.
Pink/Blush Pink. You can do no wrong if your wearing some pink this season. Its pretty, girly and all over the high street.
Middy Skirts:
Popular a couple of years ago and back in this year. These skirts can really flatter a figure by accentuating the waist. By just showing your ankle these skirts can make your legs look longer and thinner.

What trends will you be rocking this A/W?


  1. I can't pull off tartan myself, now or ten years ago hehe but I'm happy to sport the dark florals and berry lips!

    1. Dark floral's are lovely and there's so many options out there! :) x

  2. Dark floral and berry lips are the ones out of the list that I think I can pull off!

    The cocoon coat won't do anything for me!

    Great post X

    1. No the coat wouldn't do anything for me either, I'm still gonna be looking for a fitted coat, I'd look like a Caterpillar in one of those coats! :) x

  3. Great post!

    I love that I have an excuse to dust off my tartan skirt! I love the berry lips trend too.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. haha yer I'll be hunting down my old tartan scarfs! :) x

  4. Loved this post! I love Autumn/Winter trends - my favourite is definitely berry lips! Love midi skirts too :) lovely post! x

    1. Me too! I've never been a fan of midi skirts before but they always look so fab on other people maybe I'll have to try! :) x

  5. I love some of these trends, I have my tartan scarf bought and ready to rock, also really want to find a red eyeshadow that doesn't make me look like I have conjunctivitis!

    1. haha you are so organised I have to dig one out, I'm sure it won't be too difficult to find! Me too I've heard the maybelline colour tattoo in pomegranate is supposed to be great I must check that out! :) x


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