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Guest Post: Natural Back To School Makeup

Hey Everyone, 
A couple of weeks ago during a Bloggers Chat on twitter I noticed Nadine was looking to guest post on a blog. I jumped at the chance for her to blog for me. Nadine's blog Rosy Blossom is brilliant and she's so lovely, so I would definitely recommend heading over to check it out!

Thanks Nadine,
Hannah! :) x
Guest Post:

Hi Everyone!

Its Nadine here from Rosy Blossom. I am so happy that Hannah let me do a guest post here on her lovely blog and I am super excited to be writing this because it is my first ever guest post! I really love the idea that we came up with for this post and I hope that all of her lovely readers will too :-)

As I sure you all know, summer has well and truly ended and September has approached very quickly and although the English summer isn't always the best, I have enjoyed my summer holidays nonetheless. With only a few days left until I have to back to school for one the most important years in my school life, I have found myself spending a lot of time this week shopping for school uniform and stationary and other necessary equipment and of course no shopping trip is complete with popping into Boots to pick up a few more things for my makeup bag :-) If your school is like mine then you probably won't actually be allowed to wear makeup to school but what makeup loving teenage girl is going to be caught not wearing any makeup?! Hardly any is my guess, but since I also don't like getting in trouble I have spent a lot of time creating the perfect natural, no-makeup makeup look that not only let's me feel comfortable while at school, but is very affordable for people on a pocket money budget.


To create the look, start with the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer to cover up any dark circles and blemishes. You don't want to be wearing any heavy foundations to school because it will just feel uncomfortable and you probably don't need it any way. I love this concealer because it really does conceal everything that you want to conceal and it will stay put all day long so you don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day. If you really can't go without a foundation then I recommend using the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation because it has a sheer/medium coverage and looks and feels very natural on your skin.

The next step is to powder using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. You can go for a coloured powder or you can just stick to translucent if you want. I like to use the shade Sandstorm if I am not wearing any foundation underneath because it adds a bit of colour to my face. This is honestly the best powder that I have ever used and it is great of you have quite oily skin like me because it minimizes pores and lasts for ages.

After you have powdered the next thing you want to do is add blush. I like to use the Barry M blusher in Rose. This is a very natural pinky colour and it looks great with my skin tone. It is very important not to overdo it though and you should remember to leave a two finger gap between your nose and where you start your blush to ensure a natural look.

Now you have finished with the face it is time to move onto the eyes. I don't really have a favourite mascara but the one I've been using a lot recently is the Collection No Clumps mascara. This mascara is great for school because it separates the lashes and gives a lot of volume without clumping or looking spidery. If you think you can get away with wearing eyeliner, you can use the Rimmel London Soft kohl eyeliner to do a thin line on your lid to make your lashes look thicker and fuller. I would avoid doing the waterline because it won't look natural and you will probably get caught. I would also use a brow comb to brush through your brows to make them look neat and tidy.

To finish off the look, I usually just stick to some Vaseline or if I want some colour I will use a tinted lip balm. I have been loving the Maybelline Baby Lips recently and you can use any colour you want. And that is the finished look! It is very natural and very pleasant to wear during a long day at school. All these products are priced under £5 which makes it a very affordable look and suitable to for all ages.

I hope you enjoyed this back to school post and I want to thank Hannah again for letting me post on her blog. Let me know what products you use in your school makeup looks. I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you soon!


  1. Aw this was a lovely post! I wish I'd had it when I was at school, I never had a clue what to use, I used to lash on the No.7 rosy tone colour control and that was about the height of it!!! x

    1. Me too would of been great to have all this product knowledge!
      Hannah :) x

  2. :) Great post! Definitely agree about not wanting any heavy products on the skin when you're at school!

    1. I agree to, the longer you can go without wearing loads of makeup the better!
      Hannah :) x

  3. I want to try that concealer soooooo bad. I wish they sold it here in the US. Lovely post :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Its the best budget concealer in my opinion! :) x


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