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Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Hamper

Hey Everyone,
as you get older it becomes harder and harder to think of new gift ideas to get people, or even think of something you haven't already got them (or that they don't already have). This is where the 'Gift Hamper' comes in, A gift hamper is a great way of creating a unique present for a loved one and you can make it fit in with any budget. It could be filled with bits and pieces you know they love, and it doesn't even have to be food. It could be a beauty/pamper hamper, or a mixture of things like the one I created below:
1. Gift Basket/Hamper:
I would start off by deciding your budget and what you want to include, so you know the size of basket you need. Ikea, Tiger, HomeStore and More, and even Penneys have little storage baskets that could easily be turned into a base for your hamper.

2. Favourite Foods:
If you want to include food I would just be aware of use by dates obviously jams, chutneys, biscuits etc are more than likely going to fine for a while but anything homemade or perishable probably shouldn't be brought until nearer the time your exchanging gifts otherwise you could be handing over a moldy basket! Not nice!

3. Candle:
Candles are always lovely to include if your hamper is for someone of the age that they appreciate that sort of gift. There are so many on the market, whether its a smelly one or a christmassy one like this advent candle I found in Tiger Stores.

4. Napkins:
Napkins, both paper and cloth can bulk out your hamper if you're on a lower budget. They are cheap and you can find so many festive ones at the moment, they can make a nice addition.

5. Candle holder:
Decorative bits and pieces for the festive season make lovely gifts whether its an ornament for the tree or a candle holder like this one from Ikea.

6. Festive Table Decorations:
I thought these where so cute, I found them in Tiger Stores and I thought they were perfect. You could even attach pictures or name cards for the people that will be around their table.

7. Selection of Favourite Beauty treats:
Last but not least a beauty treat to pamper and treat yourself this Christmas. The Body Shop and Boots have lovely affordable sets that would make a lovely addition to any hamper. Alternatively Boots have the little mini's of beauty products which can be cheaper and gives you the more unique option of being able to pick. I found this Sanctuary set in Boots which I think is a lovely gift whether included in the hamper or on its own.

What would you include in a hamper?


  1. Food is definitely the way to go when it comes to comes to Christmas presents. Tiger have some really awesome things in. I always have to go in for a wee nosey.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Yer I think foodie presents are lovely especially i you have the time to make something as a gift! They have some really great stuff, some really cute little gifts! :) x


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