Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dressing For The Party Season

Hey Everyone,
with the festive party season nearly upon us I thought I would share with you a few outfit ideas. Whether it's a work Christmas party or just a night out with friends there's something to suit everyone!

1. Tradition Red Dress:
Outfit number one is probably the most traditional festive party outfit. This pretty red Oasis dress will flatter due to the draping fabric but the lace adds an extra feminine touch to take a traditional option and create an on trend look. These shoes from Zara are so amazing! I wish I could walk in a heel that tall because these are a perfect accompaniment to any outfit. 

2. Jumpsuit with a pop of colour:
If dresses aren't your thing a jumpsuit is a great alternative. I love this one from Warehouse because its fitted and will therefore give you a great silhouette. It is a bit more covered up and structured than wearing a dress, but you can add in the fun element with a pop of colour. I teamed it with these red shoes. These shoes are seriously cool and will definitely make a statement, the strap whilst very popular this A/W will also provide a bit more stability. 

3. My Favourite:
I am so in love with this dress, it is something a little bit different and if you are into the rebel punky look this season this Zara dress is definitely for you. I LOVEEEE IT! I teamed in with these belt and chain boots from Aldo. A good pair of going out boots are essential, ankle boots have risen in popularity this year meaning a wider variety are out there on the high street. 

4. Collared Playsuit:
Last but not least is this Playsuit from Zara. This is probably my second favourite outfit from my picks, I think its cool and wearable. Collared pieces aren't usually my cup of tea but with the combination between the sheer fabric I think it is a lot more wearable. I couldn't not re-use the Aldo boots again they go with everything, and when wearing a playsuit its hard to know what shoes to wear with it...(high heels sometimes feels like there's too much leg and flats to casual) Boots are great and give the outfit a punk vibe. 

What will you be wearing this party season?


  1. They are all really lovely, especially no.1 x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I Want them all lol! The red dress is very festive! :) x

  2. This season I'm really into navy, lace and sequins! Can't wait to start preparing some outfits! Xxx

    1. I love navy too! I've never really ventured into sequins i'm never sure if I can pull them off or not! :) x

  3. Love the jumpsuit with the red heels!

    1. The red heels are so awesome! I saw someone yesterday wearing some burgundy ones they were amazing! :) x

  4. Just getting caught up with my comments now and seeing yours on my post about he RSVP/Oasis awards! Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat and hopefully we will at the next one! :) xx

    1. Yes hopefully next time, hope you had a lovely evening! :) x


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