Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: Wrapping Presents

Hey Everyone,
last year I shared with you how I wrapped my presents along with a little DIY and so this year I thought I'd share how I wrapped a hamper (Hamper Gift Guide HERE!) as well as some images I found on Pinterest to give inspiration for wrapping your presents...

Last week I posted my Gift Guide idea for a Christmas Hamper, so I thought I would show you what it looked like after I had wrapped it. It was really simple to do and I think it makes a lovely present. I lined the basket with tissue paper and filled it with the presents wrapped in two different types of paper. For cylindrical objects I tied twine into a bow at the top to make a half cracker like effect.

I then went searching on Pinterest for some wrapping inspiration for you...

Photograph Tags:
This is such a sweet Idea... Instead of writing names on presents you could attach a photograph of the person or of yourself and the person the gift is for, so they know who it is from.

Leaves and Brown Paper:
You don't have to stick to shop brought gift tags, making your own can be lovely and why not decorate with some festive holly or foliage

Knitted Wrapping:
This is definitely one for the creative, such an amazing alternative to using loads of paper. You could even make a scarf to wrap the present in, a two in one gift.

Paint Splash:
Have fun with your wrapping, getting a roll of cheap brown paper and decorating it with paint or pens is a unique way to stand out from the crowd. It would be especially cute if your children decorated it for other members of the family, so meaningful and a fun job for them to do also. 

Unique Gift Tags:
A few sprigs and twigs from a tree attached to a name tag can be really beautiful and simple ways to tag and decorate a present. Especially if it is from a Christmas tree (they smell amazing also), watch out for the pines though... ouch!

Ornament Tags:
Last but not least is using tree ornaments as tags you could even write the year and the persons name on the ornament to be re-used and something to remind them of you next year when it gets hung on the tree!

How will you be wrapping your presents this year?


  1. I love the trend for using brown parcel for wrapping paper and decorating it yourself - so fun!

    1. Me too, I think next year I will just buy plain brown paper and decorate it myself! :) x

  2. The knitted wrapping is a brilliant idea, I love it x

    1. Its amazing isn't it, Wish I was creative enough to be able to do it! :) x


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