Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Create Your Own Manicure This Festive Season

Hey Everyone,
we're in the middle of the party season and with festive nail art being so popular at the moment I thought I would share with you my favourite products to create your own manicure:

1. Base Coat:
I always like to use a base coat as I find it helps the polish stay longer and also smoothes and perfects the nail before applying nail polish. This recovery base coat for brittle nails is perfect to keep your nails strong and cared for.

2. Top Coat:
A top coat will also help with the longevity of your nail art, and smooth the appearance of the nail. This brilliance high gloss top coat will make sure your nails are looking there best.

3. Quick Dry:
Nail art can be seriously time consuming as you have to wait for each colour to dry before apply the next but with this 60 second drying quick dry solution you don't have to wait long before completing your design.

4. Emery Boards:
Filing your nails before you start your manicure will perfect the shape and appearance of your nail. These 280 grit for normal nails emery board will help you to easily shape your nails.

5. Dotting Tool:
If you have never created nail art before this dotting tool is a great solution to creating pretty designs quickly and easily.

6. Coloured Nail Polish:
There is a great Professional range of nail polish from Jessica with smaller extra fine brushes to help you create your nail art with precision. There are so many colours to choose from and help you create the perfect festive manicure.

I have linked all the products above in case you are interested in them, and they are all available online at Gerrard International. Also if you can't create your own manicure why not find your nearest manicure salon online.

Have you created your own nail art recently?

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