Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Turning Over A New Leaf: Facebook

Hey Everyone,
my Facebook account has pretty much gone neglected up until now...From now on I am going to be trying harder at keeping it up to date and posting there as well as twitter. I will still be using twitter just as much but I also would like to update my Facebook for those that use it also!

If you would like to Like my Facebook Page you can do so HERE! If you have a page please do leave me your Links and I will like them also!


  1. I am the same I never seem to log on to my facebook account :) xx

    1. lol it just seems so much harder to manage Facebook but I'm going to try to be better at it! :) x

  2. Yeah I've been finding it hard to grow my facebook account! I spend too much time on twitter!

    1. Leave me your link and I will follow! lol so do I! :) x


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