Sunday, 26 January 2014

Blog Designing: Creating and Uploading A Twitter Widget

Hey Everyone,
Creating and Uploading a twitter widget to your blog is like having a mini twitter feed on your blog, the person reading can follow you, tweet you and read your recent tweets. Its another great way of connecting with readers and linking your social media! 
It is really simple to do and twitter pretty much does all the hard work for you!

Step 1: Obviously you need a twitter account already set up, then go to Twitter Widgets to start creating your feed.

 Step 2: Click Create New

Step 3: This is Where you Personalise the Widget, Select 'User Timeline' This gives readers a chance to see recent tweets that they can interact with while on your blog. Next enter your username so its linked to your account, You can then change the height, theme, and link colour. I would suggest using colours that are in-keeping with your blog design. 

Step 4: Once Happy with your design (there is a preview next to the options so you should be able to see it). Then click Create Widget.

Step 5: A box will appear under the preview with HTML code, Copy this!

Step 6: Go to Blogger, then go to Layout.

Step 7: Click add a gadget on whatever sidebar you want to add your tweet feed to.

Step 8: A new tab will appear on your screen, Scroll down till you find a gadget called HTML/JavaScript and click that.

Step 9: Paste your code from making the twitter widget into the content box. Title your widget and click save.

Step 10: You can then move the widget to where you want it on the blog by dragging it. Don't forget to click the save this arrangement button at the top. You should then have your own twitter feed. 

If you don't want to title your widget, aka don't want the titles in your sidebar I found this easy tutorial on another blog which shows you how to remove them: 

I hope this helps, if you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to ask! 
I will be uploading Blog design tutorials on Sundays for the next while, so don't forget to check back! 

*I am not responsible for any changes you make, Please save your blog and blog html first somewhere. Any changes or mistakes you make are your own responsibility and I am not liable!


  1. Super helpful, thanks for this!

    Charlotte - x

  2. This is great!! So easy to follow..just done :)) Thanks!!

    BNTBlogger x x

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