Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lipstick Loves: Rimmel 101 Lasting Finish by Kate

Hey Everyone,
I thought I would pick a Lipstick Loves Post for my first review of 2014 especially because I have been loving this lipstick so much! 
Having never been much of a fan of matte finish lipsticks and definitely not matte nudes this is a revelation because I love it! It is very similar to my favourite nude Mac Creme Cup, but a matte finish and slightly more lilac toned. When first applied it does sink into any cracks but somehow seems to smooth itself out although as it is a matte it will still highlight dry patches so I would recommend a lip scrub first. The one thing I'm not keen on about this lipstick is the smell... I can't describe it, it is a strange smell I don't like it but its also not bad enough to put me off wearing this product. 
All in all it's a great lipstick, I would definitely recommend trying if you weren't a previous fan of mattes like myself. The range is pretty good but I wish they had some more interesting colours! 

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Kate Lipsticks? 


  1. I love this shade, and find it often gets overlooked by the Rimmel 107!

    Sophie x

    1. Yer I hadn't seen many reviews on this at all but loads on 107, but I've so many lipsticks already similar to that shade I thought I'd pick this one up instead! :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Its really pretty, great everyday nude! :) x

  3. I use this shade too and I love it! I haven't noticed a scent though :) x
    Sweet Dreams

    1. It might just be me, I'm super picky about scents! :) x


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