Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Vichy Idealia Life Serum

Hey Everyone,
today's review is  of Vichy's Idealia Life Serum. Having already been using the Idealia moisturizer for around six months I jumped at the chance to try the serum to see if it lived up to the brilliance of its creamy friend. It is for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and created with thermal spa water. I was in need of a serum having just run out of my super facialist neroli firming serum, and this definitely filled the gap. I love it! It really smoothed the skin and it felt and appeared more hydrated.

Vichy says:
"Spectacular transformation of skin quality, even on:
- Skin affected by stress/fatigue
- Skin affected by overexposure to sun
- Skin affected by pollution/smoke
- Skin affected by an unbalanced diet"

The packaging is just as cute as the moisturizer with pink frosted glass and silver text. A couple of weeks ago I applied my Ren Glycol mask as I was in need of treating my skin after a night of sleeping in my makeup (naughty I know). After the mask I applied the serum and my skin was glowing, it was incredible. I think I've found my friday night skin treat combo!

What is your favourite serum?
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  1. I have a sample of this which I need to dig out and use x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. You should try it would love to know what you think of it to! :) x

  2. I adore this serum, it's soooo good!

  3. I absolutely love your blog!

    1. Ah thanks so much that's so lovely of you to say! :) x

  4. Ohhh I'll have to check this out. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging especially when it's pink! I'm currently using Julep's repair serum and so far I like it :)

    <3 Christina

    1. Its a brilliant serum and yer the packaging is cute too! :) x

  5. I got some samples of this last month and I just finished them, I can't wait for payday so I can buy this in full size. Great product and made a big difference to my skin :)

    1. So glad to hear it! It made mine like super glowy I was shocked by the difference! :) x


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