Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #1

Hey Everyone,
one of my New Years Resolutions for 2014 was to eat better so to help keep me on track I thought once a week I would show you what I ate that day! 
Breakfast: I''m really bad for not eating breakfast so I needed something quick and easy! I have Ice cream machine so decided to make some frozen yogurt. I made it with natural yogurt, strawberry's and honey. I had two small scoops with granola. Best of all the rest is sitting in the freezer so I don't have to make any again for a while.

Lunch: I wanted to cut down on the amount of bread I eat so for lunch I had herb Rivita with pesto and tomatoes. 

Dinner: I had homemade turkey burgers because it is a low fat meat, with rocket and spinach salad, cherry tomatoes and a low fat Greek yogurt and cucumber raita!


  1. Frozen yoghurt for breakfast sounds absolutely amazing!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Its really yummy! Feels like a treat rather than healthy! :) x

  2. Ooohh..that looks so nice and healthy - I have big plans to eat better this year, but with a small baby, sometimes my time to cook and prepare is just limited, unfortunately. But I do try, although there is definitely room for improvements..

    1. It must be so hard when you have a little one cause it is pretty time consuming eating healthy unfortunately, best of luck with it though! :) x


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