Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Current Beauty Favourites

Hey Everyone,
sorry for the lack of posts recently with planning the blogger meetup at the moment I've neglected posting a bit but I'm going to try and balance things better from now on! On to my Current Beauty Favorites...
1. Kiehl's Creme de Corps:
There's not a lot you can say about this body moisturizer, a part from that it's AMAZING! A no frills product with with incredible results. I have been obsessed with this again recently due to the fact that at the moment I seem to have all of a sudden developed really dry skin and this is the only product that seems to add moisture back. Its also great for my sensitive skin! 

2. MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher - Dolly:

I was in London for Christmas and decided to pick up a few bits in Superdrug this being one of them. I have been in love with it every since. It is a peachy blush, that gives a subtle flush of colour. It is a lot more natural looking in both colour and formula to other cream blushers I've tried including high-end. For a product that only costs a couple of pounds I think it is amazing!

3. MAC Pro-Longwear Concelar - NC15:
I've been using this concealer since June and its only just starting to run out now. I love this concealer because its pale enough for my Irish skin when other concealers rarely, if ever are. I also love the formula it gives fairly high coverage to blemishes while also being build-able and without looking cakey. This product has made me so confident I rarely even where foundation now, just cover blemishes with my prolong-wear.

4. Benefit Lolli Tint:
A new discovering having only had this a couple of weeks. Previous to this I have struggled with Tints finding them difficult to use and sometimes streaky but I seem to have got the hang of it with this one. 
Colour of the season...Orchid! This is a beautiful pinky lilac, and I am using it currently both as a cheek tint and a lip stain. Love multi-purpose products!

5. L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick - 101 Tempting Lilac:
I pick this lipstick up so often it would of been a crime not to mention it. The reason this lipstick is so wearable is because not only is it a beautiful subtle nude but also because its balmy and easy to apply. Its great for on the go, or re applying quickly during the work day. 

6. Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liquid Eye Liner - 001 Extra Black:
For years I didn't wear liquid eyeliner fearing the panda eye look, however always jealous of the gorgeous Lauren Conrad flick. This Miss Sporty liner has helped me conquer the fear... I picked it up originally because it was the cheapest liner available and I needed one for Halloween, however when I got it home and went to use it I noticed the applicator was totally different to any I'd used before, slim and bendy. I gave it a whirl and it turned out perfect first time. Now I'm hooked!

7. Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream For Normal to Combination Skin:
I have been using this as my day moisturizer for about a year and I'm only just finishing the pot now. I'm truly devastated because I think this is the first moisturizer that has done exactly what I wanted it to do! I'm going to have to grin, bear it and repurchase even though its slightly on the high side for my budget because it really does work with my skin.

8. Benefit Gimme Brow - Medium/Deep:
This brand new product that's out in March was recently gifted to me at a Benefit event. I feel hugely lucky to be able to have it early as I have been waiting for a product like this for years... Hurray for Benefit! This new brow product contains fibers similar to what you find in some mascaras which cling to the skin and brow to make sparse brows seem fuller, therefore filling in your brow quickly and simply. It also helps tame, and with the tiny little brush head its super easy to work with!

9. MAC Eyeshadow - Jest:
I got this shadow for Christmas and it is just a fabulous every day base eye-shadow colour! It has a slight pearl to it, but warm and natural. Along with a flick of eyeliner I'm ready to go.

What are your 'Current Beauty Favorites'?


  1. Ooh I really want to try Lollitint, it looks so pretty!

    1. Its amazing such a pretty lilac pinky colour! :) x

  2. I am with you on the MUA Blush in dolly, I picked it up too and its better that some of my high-end blushes - great choices :) xx

    1. Its also a really beautiful natural colour love it! :) x

  3. Hey I love your blog, great work :) please come and have a look at mine. If you decide to follow me, I’ll follow you back :) xx


    1. Thanks Nessie will go check out your blog! :) x


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