Friday, 28 February 2014 - A Dating Site For Beauty Products!

Hey Everyone, 
I recently discovered MyBeautyCompare after an email from them and I thought it was to good of a beauty discovery not to share it with you! It is the world's first price comparison and personal recommendation site for beauty, whats not to love? 

When I first went onto the site and clicked the 'Find Your Beauty Match' button I was shocked by the amount of detail the site went into. Skin complexion, Skin Type, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Diet etc... It was amazing to me that someone had not thought of this before its such a brilliant idea and something that beauty lovers like me would love! After I had filled out the list and logged in I then started clicking through the categories of the shop each section at the top of the page had my 'Beauty Product Matches'. Its like a dating website for beauty products! Lots were products I had never even heard of or thought of trying until now. I have a whole new wishlist of products! Some of my recommendations included wet n wild Bronzing Powder, Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo, Elemis Anti Ageing Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Mask, Bobbi Brown Lip Color and so many more! 

However it is not only a great recommendation site it is also a great place to shop for all your beauty/skincare needs. Its like a one stop shop for all things hair, skin, nails, and makeup with so many amazing brands stocked. With the likes of Clinique, Lancome, Max Factor, Bobbi Brown, NARS Cosmetics, and Benefit to name but a few. Whats also great for us bloggers is the forum and review section so we can blog and review away to are hearts content. Its free to sign up and the more the merrier due to the more people on the site the better the recommendations due to more data being collected. I was also lucky enough to be sent a couple of MUA products from the MyBeautyCompare team so look out for a review of them soon!

If you are a serious beauty addict which I'm sure if you are reading this blog you probably are, I would definitely recommend checking out MyBeautyCompare
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