Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Much Needed Hair Makeover From Lisa @PinkSugar

Hey Everyone,
If your Irish and on Twitter chances are you might have heard of a new hashtag doing the rounds at the moment...#swapbiz. Created by Holly Shortall (@hollywooddublin) an amazing fashion illustrator, #swapbiz gives a chance to Irish businesses and creatives a chance to swap products or trades and offer there services for others to trade theirs in return. A down right flipping amazing idea if you ask me. I was Online for the first swapbiz chat offering my Graphic Design and Blogging services, the very lovely Lisa (@MolloyLisa) traded me a haircut for a Blog post and business card designs. I jumped at the chance to swap with Lisa, she's so lovely and her hair dressing skills are legendary in the Irish blogisphere!
I had neglected my hair a bit in the last year I'm sad to say. I've let it get super long and damaged due to a mixture of constant styling, hair dye, and not having it cut (in longer than I would like to admit). It was so lack lustre with no shape, it was heavy and thick meaning it had become so flat and weighed down due to the lack of volume. I found a picture that I liked and showed it to Lisa, I asked her if she could only cut layers in the front cause I couldn't deal with the maintenance (lazy) and to just take off the dead ends. I think it was the first time I've ever had my hair cut and someone had actually listen to me. I absolutely love my hair now, the layers add so much volume and it feels lighter and healthier now. Lisa also cut my side fringe back in and I absolutely love it, she is an amazing hairdresser I would recommend her talents to everyone!

Thanks so much to Lisa! I've included twitter handles of people mentioned so you can find them. Also Lisa just opened her new Online store, 'Pink Sugar Sparkle Store' the websites not up and running yet (actually I'm doing that for her which I'm so excited about) but you can already purchase products from the Facebook Page and follow happenings on the stores Twitter Page!

What do you think of Lisa's handy work?


  1. Hair looks amazing Hannah! :-)

  2. This looks gorgeous!!! I am following on Bloglovin'! So glad I found you through the #bbloggers chat today!

    1. Thanks so much lovely, I followed you after chat as well! :) x

  3. Fabulous, Lisa is a talented lady I'll have to get her to sort my locks out!

    1. She's amazing, you definitely should! :) x


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