Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kiehls Bespoke Skincare Consultation

Hey Everyone,
yesterday I headed off to the Kiehls flagship store (Wicklow Street, Dublin 2) to get a skincare consultation. I thought I would share my experience with you and tell you about an amazing offer they are currently running! 
Recently my skin has become a bit lack luster its been very dry due to the awful weather we've had, and along with the fact that it was already combination its just been a pain to keep under control. I was hoping the gang at Kiehls could give me some pointers to help me overhaul my skincare routine. 
When I first sat down I discussed with one of the girls my current routine, including what products I was using. She then applied what I can only describe as sticky dots to my face, one on the fore head and one on my cheek. These dots tested of oils and help to determine my skin type, it was afternoon when I went in which is a great time to get your consultation because your skin has been exposed to the elements all day, and usually when oils start to appear. Mine tested as pretty normal which I was surprised at having always thought I was combination. After this she tested how hydrated my skin was by pushing the skin up to look for dehydration lines, which it turns out I had! She next talked me through some amazing products which would be suitable for my skin and that could help with my concerns. I also got an opportunity to ask questions, I had a few to say the least. Most of all I wanted to check the products I was using were being used correctly. 
I received a skincare consultation guide with all my recommendations and advice which was great, as well as this I was sent on my way with plenty of samples to try out/test the products discussed. My favourite product out of the products discussed has got to be the 'Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream' (without SPF), it felt amazing and really sunk into the skin. One of things I had problems with was finding a moisturizer that sinks in and doesn't just sit on top of the skin, so this was a great discovery.
Onto the deal Kiehls are offering... so if you go down to Kiehls (Wicklow Street) you can get a free skincare consultation plus samples to try and test the products that suit your needs, which I would definitely recommend. If you spend €75 or more you will also receive a special gift of the Creme de Corps Body Moisturiser (75ml), while stocks last! I have reviewed this product before you can find it HERE

Whats your favourite Kiehls product?
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  1. Been too long since I’ve been in there, this sounds brill!

    1. Its amazing I learnt a lot about my own skin! :) x

  2. Wish I'd gone in for my consultation this week, still haven't tried anything from them!

    1. There skincare is amazing seriously could not recommend it enough! I would use it all the time if I could! :) x

  3. Aw what a fab opportunity, love a bit of Kiehls x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. It was great, everyone in the Wicklow store is so lovely too that always helps! Me too! :) x


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