Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Waterwipes Sensitive Makeup Removal

Hey Everyone,
I'm a serious skincare addict and I am always on the look out for new products to try however one thing I always stay clear of is wipes. Usually full of alcohol and nastys that dry out the skin, terrible for cleansing as they push the makeup around the face rather than removing it...That is what I thought until now! My latest discovery of Waterwipes for sensitive makeup removal with sea mineral extracts means a new love affair with wipes.

Waterwipes are fragrance-free, alcohol free, they don't dry out the skin, no sting and can be used daily. There is also no lanolin, perfume, colour, or oil, free of all the things that make me hate normal wipes! Whats more is for the little amount of ingredients they do have, the wipes are still seriously effective. They remove all my makeup quickly and easily, they also seem to stay damper longer than other wipes I used when I was younger which dried up before I had finished the pack. 

I am absolutely in love with these wipes, I'm not saying I'll be using them every day, my skins pretty dry at the moment so I'm trying to give a bit of extra TLC. However for those nights when I'm feeling lazy, which is quite a lot of the time at the moment I will definitely be using these and not afraid of the consequences that I would expected with other wipes I've tried. I will definitely be re-purchasing and will have at least one lot of waterwipes in the house from now on, they are just to handy and to affordable not to!
For all you wipe cynics out there I definitely recommend trying these, and for all you wipe lovers that have never tried these OMG you need to they are amazing! Also did I mention they are Irish!

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  1. These do sound good, especially with no alcohol x

    1. They are brill, haven't dried my skin out at all! :) x

  2. Hey there, my name is Jessica & I wanted to tag you for the Beauty Scenario Tag. I've been meaning to reach out more to everyone in the beauty community & possibly meet some new friends. If you do the tag please let me know I'd love to read everyone's answers.

    The link:http://omgitsjessieb.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-beauty-scenario-tag.html

    <3 Jessie

    1. Hi Jessica thanks so much for tagging me I'm off to look at your post now! :) x


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