Monday, 28 April 2014

#LLAMmeetup Blogger Meetup 26th April

Hey Everyone,
as most of your might know Saturday was finally the day of the #LLAMmeetup. I had been organising it for months, and by Saturday morning I was feeling very very nervous. I arrived half an hour early to set up and get ready for everyone too arrive. As I was carting in the first lot of goodie bags I spotted some of the girls already sitting in the lobby, they were so sweet and offered to help me collect the rest of the bags. 
 I then quickly set up finding a place to display the raffle prizes, putting out my hastag twitter bubbles, and laying out the goodie bags! I then welcomed everyone as they came in, in a bit of flutter (I'm sorry I didn't get more time to chat to everyone). Soon it was time for the demo's... The very lovely Niamh from Nima Brush and Nicola from Benefit gave amazing demonstrations using their own products and creating two beautiful looks. 
After the tutorials and a quick chat from Kat about the #irishbbloggers it was time for the raffle, we raised a whopping €242 for Breast Cancer Ireland. Everyone was so generous, I'm still in shock at the amount raised! I'm also still giggling at Kathleen's little dance when she won the Vanity Rooms Voucher.
The Raffle Winners:
Willow&Clo Necklace - Ruby Laine Makeup (@RubyL_MakeUp
Holly Shortall Illustration - Niamh (@nimabrush)
Style Club Voucher - (If you know who won please let me know)
The Body Shop Goodie Box - Chloe (@WillowandClo)
PinkSugar Necklace and llandmakeup blog header - Niku (@EneshaiCloud)
Personal Makeup Lesson with Vicky Gilmore - Sarah B (@beautyangelblog)
Vanity Rooms Voucher - Kathleen (@SquidgeMundo)
Goodie Bag (Cocoa Brown, Precious Polish, INailz, Stella&Dot) - Nicole (@NicholleB)
Nima Brush Travel Set - Stephanie ()
Today I went in and donated the money to Breast Cancer Ireland on behalf of everyone at the event, a huge thank you to all of you! It's amazing to be able to give back to such a deserving cause!

I had an amazing time Saturday it was so lovely to see so many of you, I really hope you all had a great time. I only wish I had longer to chat to you all. The pictures are up on my Facebook page now!

Special thanks to...
-Nicola, Sofia and the Benefit Team
-Niamh from Nima Brush 
-Amy and The Russel Court Hotel
- Chloe for helping me out so much and listening to my stressing, lol!
-Amy(Publicity Loft),Aoife(The PrBoutique), and Anne Maire (AM Foran PR) for the goodie bags!
-Everyone who donated to the raffle 
- And Everyone who came

Friday, 25 April 2014

Vichy Dermablend’s NEW Innovations for 2014

Hey Everyone, 
I was recently invited along to the new product innovations launch for the Vichy Dermablend line. Having never tried any of the Dermablend products before I was definitely intrigued especially as one of the many people to have seen the online video 'Zombie Boy' (if you haven't seen that video Google is your friend, it is amazing!).
On arrival there was a talk about the science behind Dermablend and the new products available. After this we got to see the new products in action when the lovely Zoe Clark (makeup artist) used them on three different models to show Dermablend's uses.
It is just an incredible product there's no denying its powers of transformation. It is so highly pigmented without being thick or cakey. As you can see in the pictures above Zoe applied the products to Dani's Tattoo sleeve and it vanished, it was unbelievable. If I hadn't been there I don't know if I would of believed just how well the products worked. It also didn't transfer after it had dried.
I had a great time at the event and learnt a lot about the line... Look out for reviews soon. I'm especially loving the Dermablend body make-up, I applied it to my legs on a night out yesterday to cover bruises and blemishes and it made them look flawless.

Have you tried Dermablend?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Picnic

Hey Everyone,
I hope you had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the long weekend! This weekend was a fairly busy one so we decided to take a break and have a picnic in the park, for a late lunch in the sun. The night before I made strawberry lemonade and some chocolate cornflake cakes for Easter. The next afternoon before heading out I also made some cucumber sandwiches, packed up sausage rolls and hot cross buns along with some other treats and off we went. Here's some photographs of our afternoon...

What did you do this Easter weekend?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cocoa Brown Launches The Ultimate Travel Set

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! Great news from Cocoa Brown this weekend as they release their new travel set. Perfect for travelling tan lovers everywhere.
The Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set includes:
1. Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Moisturiser, 75ml
2. Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub, 75ml
3. Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN, 100ml

Everything you need for the perfect tan this summer without the hassle of travelling with large bottles, especially if going through airport security with liquid restrictions. 
Marissa Carter explains how the Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set can be used:
"1. Prepare your skin before you apply Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN by using the TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub to exfoliate dead or dry skin. 
2. Use the TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub on the days leading up to your tan application but not on the actual day you are applying tan. 
3. After each exfoliation, apply Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser paying special attention to typically drier areas such as knees, feet and elbows.  This will ensure tan doesn’t stick to these particular areas.  
4. You now have the perfect base for your Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN. Apply the mousse using a tanning mitt and blend in well. 
5. Wait 1, 2 or 3 hours before washing off for a light, medium or dark tan. "

This travel set is available in Penneys stores now for €10!

What is your favourite Cocoa Brown product?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #7

Hey Everyone,
it's a day late but here's another 'What I Ate Wednesday' from day two of my trip to Galway...

Breakfast: I was a bit bold at breakfast on the second morning, I just couldn't resist the pastries. I had a pain au chocolat and some peaches for good measure, not forgetting a cup of green tea. 
Lunch: Lunch was slightly healthier, I had Bruschetta in a little Italian in the city.
Dinner: Pepperoni pizza was on the menu for dinner, it was so thin and crispy I had to try it! I also got way to over excited and was half way through eating before I realised I hadn't taken a photo yet...Oops!

What have you been eating this week?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Graphic Design: A Logo For Lilliwhiterose

Hey Everyone,
I'm so excited to tell you about my latest design today. I recently designed a logo for the lovely Danielle from Lilliwhiterose Blog. She was looking for a logo that could be used as both a blog header and for social media and I was only to happy to help. I got very over excited and got to work right away. Working with Danielle was an absolute breeze she is such a lovely person and so laid back it was easy to create something for her. I loved that she wanted to incorporate the lady birds one for her and one for her little girl, how cute is that! I think this may be my favourite logo I have ever designed and I am delighted it is going to such a good home!
Lilliwhiterose is a great blog, I would highly recommend it so please do go check it out if your not already following!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Makeup
An obvious choice for a beauty blogger but discovering new products and the perfect lipstick shade really does make me happy.

2. Makeup Brushes
An odd one considering number one was already makeup, however I feel like makeup brushes deserve their very own mention. What I love about them is having a particular brush for one job, the uniformity of them and finding a new favourite...maybe its the OCD in me!

2. Cake
Cake makes everyone happy surely?

4. Being beside the sea
I am a total water baby, I love being beside the sea. I was brought up beside the sea and even now if I'm too far away from it for a while I get the sea blues and have to go to the nearest beach to find my calm.

5. Flowers
I think having flowers around the house no matter what type not only brightens the place up but also makes the people living there more happy. Is there some science behind this? Let me know!

6. Summers coming
Longer days, more sunshine, makes everyone happier! Especially in Ireland, I think we are craving some sun at the moment and I for one can't wait until its here.

7. Funny Pug Images on Pinterest 
Pinterest in general makes me happy, however recently I've spotted a lot of funny Pug images and I can't help but laugh...


8. Stationary
If there was such a thing as a staionary-ocholic I would be it. I like writing lists and notes, writing events and things coming up in my diary. I love finding new pretty stationary, Paperchase is like my wonderland.

9. Cute Quotes
This is pretty self explanatory I think!


10. My friends:
My friends make me happy. Special mention to Chloe her support and friendship has meant so much to me over the past year, I dunno what I would of done without her. It has also been lovely to get chatting to so many bloggers this year.

What makes you happy?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Gosh Prime’N Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-On

Hey Everyone,
I don't think I've ever reviewed an eye primer before, I've never really fallen in love with one and then became to lazy to try with ones that I didn't really like. However when the lovely Geraldine recently send me this to try that all changed. 

Not only is the Gosh Prime’n refresh illuminating eye roll-on easy to apply it also doesn't flake or crease like other primers have on me before. As the name suggests it comes in a roll on form, which I didn't expect to but actually really like. It has three metal balls which roll as you apply. You gently squeeze the product and it comes out as your rolling it on, giving effortless application. I then ran my fingers over the top to check it was even. I really like the metal roll on as I find they also help reduce puffy bags in the morning especially if you store it in the fridge which means the cool metal helps combat those early morning eyes. 
I hate to admit it but I do have a few fine lines under my eyes and the family trait of laughter lines/crows feet at the outer corner, which means products tend to lay in and exaggerate them. I found this product to be really smoothing on fine lines, everything seemed smoothed and less noticeable once my makeup was applied. It also feels amazing, making the skin feel velvety. 

Gosh says:
"This firming eye roll-on is the perfect base for all eye makeup. The colourless formula reduces the appearance of fine lines as well as refreshing the eye area to minimize tired puffy eyes or dark circles. Also helps create a uniform, matt yet silky soft surface, enabling the easy and smooth application of foundation and eye make-up. The primer can be used after daily moisturiser or on clean skin. GOSH Prime’n refresh is without preservatives and perfume"
This product does exactly what it says on the tin, it illuminated the eye area. It also smoothed fine lines and makes the skin feel softer. It prolongs the longevity of my eye makeup which is always a good thing in my books. It also doubles up as an eye treatment by helping to reduce puff morning bags, its my new favourite primer! 

What is your favourite Gosh product?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #6

 Hey Everyone,
Another week, another 'What I Ate Wednesday'! As some of you might know I went to Galway for a long weekend recently. I was lucky enough to stay at The Radisson Blu, and here's what I ate on day one...

Breakfast: For breakfast I kept it pretty simple and just had some fruit and apple juice.
Lunch: At lunch I was in the bar so just ordered a tuna and avocado wrap with salad, I have to say although it looks nice it wasn't the best. The wrap was dry with dry tuna (no sauce of any kind), and the avocado wasn't ripe. In fact it was to hard to eat so I wasn't too impressed. 

Dinner: The first night there we booked into the hotels restaurant for dinner and the food was amazing! I had the sea bass with a roasted pepper sauce, it came with roasted vegetables and it was delicious. 

What have you been eating this week?

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Using Velcro Rollers To Create Bouncy Curls and Volume

Hey Everyone,
I was recently invited along to Cocoa Brown's spring launch and thought I would try to do something different with my hair. Just the previous week before (As mentioned in my current wishlist post) my friend had recently tried hot rollers in my hair and I had loved the effect. So armed with my Babyliss Volume Waves curling iron (review), and some velcro/plastic rollers I picked up for a couple of euro in Penney's I tried to recreate the look...
Step 1: I sectioned my hair into manageable pieces for each roller. Taking one section, I combed and curled that piece of hair before quickly wrapping it up into a roller while still hot. (My thought process on this was heat retention, and that if a hot roller was warm and cooled down whilst in the hair that maybe a velcro roller with hot hair might do the same thing)

Step 2: I secured the roller to my head with hair pins and continued with each section until all my hair was in rollers.

Step 3: I then gave it a quick spritz with some hair spray and left them to cool and "set". (In this time I did my makeup and got ready)

Step 4: Then just before running out the door I took out all the pins and rollers to reveal amazing bouncy curls with lots of volume. Rather than running the risk of destroying the curls with a brush, instead I gave it a bit of a shake at the roots with my finger to blend the curls.
I really loved the outcome, the only difference in this effect and the look created with the rollers was... Firstly the time, it took a lot longer to curl and put the hair in rollers than it would of just to put my hair in hot rollers. Secondly it didn't last as long, unfortunately about 3hours in my hair had pretty much lost all volume at the root with only a hint of the curls at the bottom! For a short event it would be great but for a full night they just didn't cut the muster. Basically I'm saying its a great cheaper alternative to hair rollers and definitely worth a go, my hair is naturally very heavy and struggles to hold a curl so people with thinner hair might be luckier!

Have you ever used Velcro Rollers?

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