Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blog and Online Publishing Awards 2014 #LittlewoodsIRLBOPS

Hey Everyone,
If you follow me on any social media platform you will have known that I was recently shortlisted in the Bops Awards for 'Best Beauty Read'. I was so excited and really looking forward to the evening. The 24th of April was the evening  and Café en Seine was the venue to celebrate the 2014 Blog and Online Publishing Awards which were in association with Littlewoods Ireland. 

This was the first year the event had taken place and I was over the moon to be a finalist with so many amazing bloggers. On arrival we were greeted and handed a scroll/certificate to congratulate us on getting this far, I thought that was such a lovely touch and something I had never received before. Stylist Cathy O'Connor was their to announce the winners and Holly Carpenter assisted her in handing out the awards. We were told over 23,000 votes were cast during the voting process, which is so amazing.

Some Of The Winner's On The Night:
1. Best Fashion Read - 
2. Best Beauty Read - Emma Henderson for Fluff and Fripperies
3. Best Lifestyle & Family Read - Where Wishes Come From
4. Best Business -
The Winners
Although I didn't win I was so delighted to be a finalist and its so great to see so many amazing writers getting the recognition they deserve! Thanks so much to both Littlewoods Ireland and PrSlides for all their hard work, it was a fantastic evening! 


  1. Well done Hannah :-) Love your blog
    You can also check out mine
    You don't have to be a mummy, you just got to love beauty and fashion 😃

  2. Thanks so much, will go over to your blog now! :) x


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