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Free Advertisers: May

Hey Everyone,
I offer free advertising to five bloggers each month, so keep a look out on twitter if you are interested in advertising next month. 
Here are May's bloggers:

1. Sinead from 'Blue Sky Daze'
 "I’m Sinead, a twenty-five year old lifestyle blogger based in the south-east. I generally post four to five times a week and I write about a mix of things including beauty product reviews; favourite recipes; various events and my own personal thoughts and experiences. As a person, I’m naturally optimistic so my posts tend to be quite positive — I’m all about emphasizing the good things in life!"

"I first started blogging two years ago when I was in my final year of college, trying to work out what I was going to do once the exams finished. At the time I was starting to read more and more blogs and — seeing as I’ve always loved to write — I decided to create a blog of my own. My only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner! It’s both challenging and rewarding and I love the process of creating and publishing content as well as interacting with readers and fellow bloggers. Safe to say, blogging has become a big part of my life and it’s now one of my favourite things to do!"
2. Celine from 'Vintage Teapot'
"My name is Celine and i'm an Irish self confessed makeup hoarder. I love all things beauty, fashion and occasionally enjoy taking a few too many snaps! My blog is pretty much a reflection of me and hosts a variety of posts from beauty, fashion to lifestyle - beauty however is the strongest focus of my blog, as it's a way for me to justify spending all my pennies on sparkling new skincare, the latest foundation, or the latest nail polish to do the rounds. Blogging has really helped me find myself as a person, and it has resulted in me feeling like a much more confident person especially after sharing my blog with people from real life just recently! If you are contemplating setting up a blog - go for it! The #bbloggers community is one of the best to be apart of!"

"I started my blog way back in May 2012, and since then it has pretty much found it's way into every aspect of my life. I had been an avid watcher of youtube videos for almost a year then and I knew I didn't have the confidence to go all for youtube videos, (which I have recently plucked up the confidence to do) I used blogging as my way of sharing the products I love and why I love them. Since then it has developed beyond belief, my content is much stronger, my photos have improved immensely and my knowledge of the whole topic of beauty & fashion has improved greatly - it's a huge learning process and we're constantly learning from each other." 

What Is Your Holy Grail Product:"My holy grail product is a recent discovery of mine and it is without a doubt my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle. It's the most perfect highlighter ever, and gives you such a beautiful glow. It's a velvety soft powder highlighter which is so easy to apply and so easy to blend when applied. It's absolutely perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons. It can just make your base look flawless with a little bit popped on the high points - even on the bad skin days!"
Beth Young Make Up
3. Beth from 'Beth Young Makeup'
"Beth blogs over at bethyoungmakeup and uses her experience as a make up artist to review a variety of products. Since graduating from her course as Student of the Year Beth has worked on a wide variety of projects on both big and small screens, stage shows and in print. Her portfolio includes everything from beauty make up to zombies!"

"Beth had been reading a number of blogs for years and finally made the decision to begin posting on her own site as part of her new years resolution. In January 2014 she published her first post and has been posting regularly ever since." 

What Is Your Holy Grail Product:"No particular brand but I'm rarely without hand cream as I am often sanitising/washing my hands for my job and I hate the feeling of having dry,tight hands!"
4. Rachel from 'Oh Hey There Rachel'
"My name is Rachel Farrell and I'm a teen fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Ireland. I'm a vintage lover, book reader and nail art fanatic too, and love expressing my love for all things fashion and beauty on my blog!"

"I created my blog in May 2012, but didnt get into blogging until that Christmas! After reading blogs for years, I decided to create my own to practice my writing and express my style."

Must have fashion item every wardrobe should have: "I definitely think every wardrobe should have a black leather jacket- you can dress it up with heels, or go casual with jeans and a tee, plus a good one will last for years!"
"I'm you're average 20-something Dublin girl who just happens to have a blog, of course - doesn't everyone these days? :P
It's a little bit of everything I love, hence the name - it's all a bit scattered! I always try to focus on products I use and things that I like, rather than reviews for a review's sake - I know those are the kind of posts I like to read at least and I hope that's why my readers keep coming back!"

"I started by blog years and years ago but really started to take it seriously in Apr/May 2012. I started by blog partially out of curiosity. I knew a few people with various styles of blog and I instantly gravitated towards the medium. I'm working in Digital Marketing, so it was only natural I started one at some stage! In fact, the blog has been a great help in helping to find my career path and giving me a creative outlet (I studied photography in college, and really missed taking photos!)"

What Is Your Holy Grail Product:"Lancome Advanced Genefique serum. It's the most amazing thing I've every used on my skin! It's not a product that tries to change your skin or force it to do anything unnatural, it just helps it be the best it can be. I recommend everyone give it a try at least once!"

Thanks to everyone who RT'ed/contacted me and thanks to these fabulous bloggers for being my May advertisers! 
If you are interested in gaining free advertising, head over to my twitter page and keep an eye out for details on how to get free advertising for next month (

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