Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday Fashion: Hook Crochet

Hey Everyone,
I have a slightly different 'Friday Fashion' post for you today. Instead of an outfit post, I'm highlighting a new Irish designer I discovered during #Irishbizchat last week. 

Niamh Colfer is a Crochet Crafter and Designer based on the Hook Peninsula in Co.Wexford. She recently set up her business called 'Hook Crochet'. If your now thinking "not another old fashioned Irish craft", your wrong! Niamh has modernised the technique and put a 21st century twist on an old classic. Inspired by her grandmother Eileen O'Leary, a noted needle worker Niamh crochets freestyle using old Irish lace techniques and create her own patterns, mostly fine crochet jewellery, formal bags, purses, lace gloves, headpieces, and other accessories. One of her most popular accessories at the moment is groomsmen buttonhole flowers.
The picture above is of Niamh on her wedding day wearing her grandmothers crochet lace dress, which was made by her great grandmother. She then made all the accessories for the entire bridal party and all of the table centres.
Above is some of Niamh's creations. Look out for another Fashion Friday post soon featuring an amazing pair of earrings from Hook Crochet

Happy Friday!

I also just found out that I am shortlisted in the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards in the Category 'Best Designed Blog' thank you so much for your support if you would like to see me in the finals please do vote HERE!  (I'm on the 3rd page as 'Love Life and Makeup').
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  1. Nominated you in the Style blogger awards, delighted to see you on the list.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, you've been so supportive from the beginning! :) x


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