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Guest Post: How To Prepare a Relaxing Spa at Home

Hey Everyone,
A couple of weeks back I was approached by Izzy from Who was looking to guest post, I was delighted to have her on board. Here is her post on creating a spa at home.


Why spend hundreds of pounds visiting a relaxing spa when you can create your very own spa at home?

You can not only create your own personal sanctuary but you can also create you own treatments! What more could you want?

Save those pennies and set up that spa you've always wanted to visit at home. If you've ever dreamed of going to a spa but never had the cash then look no further make your dream a reality, all the tips on preparing a relaxing spa at home are here…

Tidy up
So first things first, Lets get your bathroom clean and tidy just like a professional spa. You want your bathroom to be as minimalist as possible, so try and get rid of any clutter!

The thing is if you’re really hoping to relax then how is it possible if your surrounded by mess? Untidy bathrooms, tend to make you feel stressed or anxious so be ruthless and anything that is making the space look untidy get rid of!

Create your own treatments
Creating a spa on a budget is easy Home made remedies and treatments can work just as good as the ones that you come across in spas (if not better).

So why not have a go and create your own treatments, avocado, honey, yoghurt and aloe vera are all ingredients that many of us have lying around the house but combined with other household products they can make great face masks, moisturisers and lotions that are sure to make you feel like you've just stepped out the most expensive spa in town.
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Always exfoliate!

Whatever spa you go to you’ll find exfoliating to be extremely important. You can get some good body scrubs from many toiletry shops or chemists, however you could try making your own by mixing some brown sugar, oats and olive oil. Simply apply it to your skin and scrubbing any dry areas and then simply wash it off, you’re sure to have lovely soft skin after!

Fresh towels

All spas have soft warm towels that are folded neatly in a pile for you to wrap yourself up with after your treatments! There is no reason why you can’t do the same at home! Fold your towels neatly or hang them over the radiator so they are lovely and warm!

Create your own sauna

Turn your shower into a sauna! Turn on your shower at it’s hottest for about 15/20 minutes! This will cause the steam to build up which will fill the room.

Using a flannel add a touch of one of your favourite scents of essentials oils and then put it over your face, this perfect especially if you're struggling with a cold as it help to clear the sinuses. A sauna is a perfect solution to help get over a stressful day and if you have some sauna time before bed your are almost guaranteed to sleep a lot better.

Thanks to Izzy for the interesting guest post on creating a spa at home! What products would you recommend to include in your at home pamper evening?

*Guest Post written by Izzy Evans. Please be sensible if following any of these tips and ask an adult before trying if under 18. If you follow any of these tips it is done so on your own free will and we are not liable.


  1. This sounds great, spas are so expensive so investing in a bit of time at home is always great

    1. Its always lovely to have a pamper evening at home and relax! :) x

  2. Hi Guys ! First of all, thank you Hannah for letting me to guest post on your blog :) As I mentioned in the post, I love all the naturall stuff especially like home made facial masks !, also the first thing that coming to my mind when I think about SPA it's facial mask, I don't know why haha, what you guys think? What is the firts thing that coming to your mind when you think about SPA?


    1. Thank you for getting in contact and offering to do a guest post! :) x


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