Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Top Tips For Creating A Press Release

Hey Everyone,
yesterday the lovely Samantha from @Tweetinggoddess introduced me to the #irishbizparty Facebook page. They were all so lovely and welcomed me to the group, Sam was suggesting a lot of you were looking for help with PR so here's a quick blog post to help you conquer creating your own press release:

1. Set out what it is you want to advertise whether it's a product, a range or a new company.

2.Try to keep it concise a lot of people skim read press releases for vital information, short paragraphs and phrases work well.

3. Mailchimp is your friend its the easiest way to create a press release and looks professional when you've mastered it.

4. Include pictures and logos to attract attention.

5. Include social media links and where you can be found and contacted.

6. Attach a .doc or .pdf of the same press release (Information and pictures) so it can be printed or shared by the receiver if needed.

7. Attach images included in press release for the person to use if they decide to run it (e.g. if you are sending a press release to bloggers or press).
Possibly create a couple different press releases with a slight change and different images when sending to multiple people. Therefore making sure not everyone uses the same images, that can be annoying to some press as they won't want to print the same image as a rival. 

8. If you use any images that aren't yours (not recommended) always include the image source/where you got it from. 

9. If you are advertising a new product or event etc its worth making a Twitter hashtag and including it so that those you are contacting have the chance to create hype on social media. 
Image Source
10. If its a product, remember to include the price and stockists.

...and now you are ready to create your perfect Press Release!
If you have any questions or queries please do send me over an email to and I will get back to you.

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