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Sculpt Cosmetics - Foundation and Concealer Palette Review

Hey Everyone,
recently there has been a lot of hype around concealer palette's for contouring and creating amazing looking, flawless skin like Kim Kardashian. Therefore when I was offered a chance to try one out by Sculpt Cosmetics I jumped at the chance.

I first tried the Oil Free Foundation. It states it is matte foundation however it is unlike any other I have tried. It has a very runny consistency and you have to really work it into the skin yet as you do it turns from its loose liquid form into a matte that blurs imperfections. It has a definite medium coverage, and due to the matte finish I would suggest making sure your skin is well prep-ed and moisturised as I found it can cling slightly to dry patches. I can say with absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was the best colour match I have ever found from a foundation. I have pasty Irish skin syndrome, basically meaning I can never find a foundation that is the right shade for me. Though this was bang on in the shade Linen.
Next I moved on the Concealer Colour Correcting Palette. I first took a slightly peachy toned colour to attempt to hide my very obvious dark circles, I found this to be pretty good with a great coverage. I then used the white and lightest shade to highlight... Running it down the centre of my nose, as well as on my brow and cheek bones. Then taking a darker shade to contour. The palette has a brilliant shade range and works brilliantly as a contour. It does set really fast which makes it long lasting however it means you have to work quickly when applying it. Lastly my top tip for using this palette would be to use a primer beforehand as I found it sunk into pores. 
Overall the packaging is sleek, the products work, and have an amazing colour range. I would just bear in mind that you have to prep the skin a bit better than normal, (it might have just been my skin type and they may work perfectly on other skins) I found little things like the concealer sinking into my pores which stopped me completely loving these products. Having said that I would still recommend this for anyone looking for a concealer palette to contour as it works really well for that purpose. 

You can find all their products on their website - Sculpt Cosmetics.

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  1. ooh your skin looks amazing! great review

    from helen at

    ps. There's £250+ worth of beauty products up for grabs on my blog, if you're interested! Click here.

    1. Thank you so much, I was not feeling very confident about putting my bare skin on here! :) x

  2. This looks like a great palette and I love that it has some corrective concealers in there too! Very rare to see x

    1. Yer me too, love the salmon colour to help with dark circles! :) x


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