Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #8

Hey Everyone,
here is my final 'What I Ate Wednesday' from my trip to Galway... 
Breakfast: I was bold again (It was a holiday... It's aloud, right?) I had toasted sweet waffles with maybe just a little bit of chocolate spread.
Lunch: We were going for a large dinner so I suggested stopping in a little Café and getting a bun and tea rather than lunch. I had green tea and a small cupcake that I couldn't resist!

Dinner: Dinner was pretty epic I'm lucky I had small portions because I have no idea how I finished it all, needless to say I went for a nap after. We had a buffet dinner in the hotel and I picked the mushroom soup, Caesar salad with chicken, and then the roast beef with mash and Yorkshire pudding.
Desert: As if dinner wasn't enough already I couldn't not have a small slice of hazelnut brownie and cream when offered it.

What have you been eating this week?


  1. God now I really want waffles!!

    1. haha "and in the morning I'm making Waafflllleeess!" :) x


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