Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer Ready Legs with Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation

Hey Everyone,
as much as I love the summer and all the pretty dresses I'm still pretty tentative about getting out my whiter than white pins. I'm not the biggest fan of fake tan either, (even though us pale girls now have brilliant tans available to us like Cocoa Brown which gives a subtle colour for confidence, no more oompa lumpa's) basically because I'm lazy! Solution... My new HOLY GRAIL leg and body product, the Vichy Total Body Corrective Foundation.
We all know at this stage that the Vichy Dermablend range has incredible coverage, is long lasting and is well, just down right amazing for concealing a multitude! Just search for 'Vichy Zombie Boy' on YouTube if you don't believe me. 

Although I admired how amazing the Dermablend products were on others there was always something not quite right for me, either it wasn't the right colour match or was slightly to heavy (picky I know!). This however just hits the nail on the head, and is my new summer essential. It is pretty much a body makeup and can be used to cover up the usual... blemishes, veins, uneven skin-tone etc. So I thought this summer I would give it a whirl.
Recent unedited photograph, I'm wearing the lightest shade (Opal) on my legs.
I can honestly say I love this product. I apply it to my legs, and off I go with a pretty summer dress on ready for the day. I use a tanning mitt just to minimise the amount of fuss, and apply it straight on as if it were a tan. It covers everything just like a foundation. 
It dries pretty quickly so you have to work fast but for me that was just another bonus as I was able to throw on my dress as soon as I had applied it, without any transferring throughout the day. It stays in place all day even in the sweltering heat. 

I have heard some people mention that it can be quite drying if they haven't applied a moisturiser but I didn't notice that problem at all. If you are someone who is self conscience about your arms this might be great to try, I found it great for an uneven skintone. It is pretty pricey so I'm going to have to be sparing with mine, but I will definitely be repurchasing when needed. 

I recently also did a mini review of the equally amazing but slightly too dark Dermablend Foundation over on

Sunday, 27 July 2014

We are Long-Listed in The Blog Awards Ireland

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all having an amazing weekend! I just wanted to write a quick post to say a huge THANK YOU, to everyone who nominated me in this years Blog Awards Ireland! I'm delighted to be in these awards for the second year in a row. It is such a honour that you took the time to vote for me and I can't thank you enough for your continued support!

This year Love, Life and Makeup has been Long-Listed in two categories:
•Currently Long Listed for Best Mobile Compatible Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014
•Currently Long Listed for Best Beauty Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014

...and I wasn't the only Sayers Long-Listed this year, huge congratulations to one of my most favourite people in the whole world on also being nominated. Lots of love to Flo, who is Long-Listed in the 'Diaspora' category for her Blog 'A 90s Baby'. Please do go check her Blog out, I know it would mean a lot to her! 

Thank you so much again and congratulations to all the other Blogger's, especially my lovely Blogger friends. I'm so excited that we are all sharing this experience together! You can check out all the amazing Blogs nominated in this years Awards HERE!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Fashion: A Pop Of Colour

 /Black Blazer-HM /Yellow Dress-Penneys /Black Beaded Necklace-Penneys /Black Boots-Penneys/

Happy Friday Everyone!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Holos Skincare From Nature

Hey Everyone,
as promised I'm back with a beauty post today...and its a special one as its from another #Irishbizparty member, Niamh from Holos. Niamh Hogan, the creator of Holos Skincare has been a practising Aromatherapist and a Natural Health practitioner since 2003. It is Niamh’s clinical experience and passion for Essential oils and natural lifestyles that lead her to the creation of her skincare brand, Holos. 
 When Niamh recently asked me if I wanted to try some of her products I couldn't resist and jumped at the chance to try them.
She sent me two body oils to try the first, 'Good Morning Body Oil' and the second 'Good Night Body Oil'. I have to comment on the packaging and how much I love it, I'm a big fan of sleek and simple packaging. I believe the best products don't need over the top patterns and colours because they speak for themselves and these definitely fit into that category. The glass bottles also gain huge bonus points with me. I love the luxury feel of glass bottles and card packaging... forget the plastic! Both products are 100ml so not only are you getting a lot for your money, being an oil it lasts longer anyway as a little goes a long way. I was told by Niamh before trying these products to only use a little of the morning oil as you don't want it to transfer on your clothes after a shower, just a little tip if you do try these.

The Good Morning Oil contains natural ingredients such as Geranium, Grapefruit and Lemon in Sweet Almond Oil. Like the name suggests this is a great pick me up in the morning, the natural oils wake the senses and is great for an early start before work when your feeling really tired. 
Niamh Says "Geranium is a wonderful detoxifier and gives life to dull skin while grapefruit helps reduce cellulite and lemon encourages circulation in the skin. The aroma itself will lift the senses and help energise you for the day."
The Good Night Oil contains ingredients of Lavender, Chamomile & Rose in Sweet Almond Oil. Also the name suggests the purpose as this relaxing oil is perfect for the end of a long week at work or an evening winding down from a busy day. 
Niamh Says "The combination of Lavender, Chamomile and Rose oils helps to balance the sebum in the skin and is very beneficial for any dry skin areas. This blend is a wonderful blend to use after a busy tiring day and will ready the skin and the body for a good night’s sleep."
I used these products in different ways the 'Good Night Oil' I used as a body oil in the traditional form giving it time to sink in and moisturise. The 'Good Morning Oil' I used as an in shower moisturiser, by applying it after using my regular body wash and then rinsing it off to remove residue. Both left my skin feeling super soft and nourished. I also (odd or not?) found myself trying it as a shaving product for my legs and it worked really well, I was able to shave whilst the oils did their work at the same time and my legs have never felt smoother. The one thing I will say is I'm not keen on either scent, however I am super fussy about scents so have not let is put me off from what was a great natural product!

Have you ever used a body oil? What one would you recommend?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Clerys Carnival Event Dublin

Hey Everyone,
last week I was invited along to the Clerys Carnival Event. The event was hosted in the Dublin store which was decked out in colourful balloons and bunting turning the beautiful surroundings into a mini festival. There were also little treat tables including a candy buffet, drinks, and beauty delights such as nail art, make-up by Benefit and skincare brand MyChelle, where I also got my skin analysis scan (but more on that in a separate post).
The main event of the night was a fashion show along the iconic Clerys stairs. I wanted every single item of clothing, they were all so stunning... not good for the ever growing shopping list. Here are some photographs of outfits modelled:
/Denim Jacket-Kaliko /Striped Vest-Warehouse /Printed Skirt-Warehouse /Bags-Modalu&Benetton /Shoes-Tommy Hilfiger/

My favourite outfit of the night:
/Tweet Jacket-Sisley /Yellow Blouse-Warehouse /Printed Trousers-Warehouse /Bag-Fiorelli /Shoes-Mode/
/Check Shirt-Mango /Striped Vest-Mango /Grey Sweatshirt-Mango /Denim Shorts-Warehouse /Bag-Liebeskind /Boots-Mode/
/Parka-Mango /Jeans-Mango /Top-Oasis /Bag-TriBeCa /Shoes-Mode/
/Rain Coat-Windsmoor /Jumper-Great Plains /Slip Dress-Bennetton /Bag-Fiorelli /Shoes-Oasis/
/Printed Mac-Sisley /Sequinned Vest-Bennetton /Grey Skirt-Warehouse /Bag-Liebeskin /Shoes-Mode/
/Leather Jacket-Mango /Sequinned Dress-Vila /Boots-Marco Tozzi/
/Bikini-Banana Moon/Shoes-Mode/
/Black Studded Swimsuit-Espirit /Print Jumpsuit-Blue Vanila /Bag-Dents /Shoes-Mode/
/Floral Jacket-Feverfish /Pink Swimsuit-Miraclesuit /Shoes-Mode/
/Bikini-Lepel /Trousers-Warehouse /Bag-Mexx /Shoes-Mode/
/Print Jacket-Blue Vanilla /Swimsuit-Miraclesuit /Bag-Mexx /Shoes-Mode/
/Butterfly Top-Mandi /Floral Trousers-Vila /Bag-Fiorelli /Shoes-Mode/
/Cream and Blue Dress-Turnover /Bag-Mode /Shoes-Mode/
/Print Dress-Warehouse /Bag-Oasis /Shoes-Menbur /Headpiece-Nigel Raymond/
/Floral Dress-Warehouse /Shoes-Mode/ Bag-Mode/
/Dress-Lipsey /Coat-Sisley /Shoes-Mode/
They were also hosting an Instagram competition on the night with the best image winning a new phone from the Carphone Warehouse, I could not believe it when I won. I was so shocked I didn't even know what was going on when I went up to collect my prize. 

A huge thank you to everyone at Clerys and of course Sarah for organising an amazing evening, I had such a fabulous time. Clerys is a beautiful department store, pure luxury! I shall definitely be in again this week to browse some of my favourite pieces from the fashion show! 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Enjoying The Lake Views In Killarney, Co.Kerry

Hey Everyone,
last week I was home for a visit. I love going home and I miss Kerry and the views up in the big smoke. While I was down it was a family members birthday so on the Sunday evening we all went off to Killarney for a meal. We really love the Lake Hotel for its amazing views and good food. Unfortunately it had been raining earlier in the day so it was too wet to sit outside but after dinner we took a casual stroll around the grounds, and I of course had the camera out...

The sun was just going down as we walked around and I managed to get some photographs of it. There will be a beauty post this week but for now I thought these were too beautiful not to share with you!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday Fashion: Summer Peach

/Peach Jacket-Zara /White T-shirt-Penneys /Jeans-Penneys/ Nude Peach Pumps-Penneys /Peach Flower Studs-Oasis /Pink Stone Ring-Les Nereides/

Happy Friday Everyone!

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