Sunday, 20 July 2014

Clerys Carnival Event Dublin

Hey Everyone,
last week I was invited along to the Clerys Carnival Event. The event was hosted in the Dublin store which was decked out in colourful balloons and bunting turning the beautiful surroundings into a mini festival. There were also little treat tables including a candy buffet, drinks, and beauty delights such as nail art, make-up by Benefit and skincare brand MyChelle, where I also got my skin analysis scan (but more on that in a separate post).
The main event of the night was a fashion show along the iconic Clerys stairs. I wanted every single item of clothing, they were all so stunning... not good for the ever growing shopping list. Here are some photographs of outfits modelled:
/Denim Jacket-Kaliko /Striped Vest-Warehouse /Printed Skirt-Warehouse /Bags-Modalu&Benetton /Shoes-Tommy Hilfiger/

My favourite outfit of the night:
/Tweet Jacket-Sisley /Yellow Blouse-Warehouse /Printed Trousers-Warehouse /Bag-Fiorelli /Shoes-Mode/
/Check Shirt-Mango /Striped Vest-Mango /Grey Sweatshirt-Mango /Denim Shorts-Warehouse /Bag-Liebeskind /Boots-Mode/
/Parka-Mango /Jeans-Mango /Top-Oasis /Bag-TriBeCa /Shoes-Mode/
/Rain Coat-Windsmoor /Jumper-Great Plains /Slip Dress-Bennetton /Bag-Fiorelli /Shoes-Oasis/
/Printed Mac-Sisley /Sequinned Vest-Bennetton /Grey Skirt-Warehouse /Bag-Liebeskin /Shoes-Mode/
/Leather Jacket-Mango /Sequinned Dress-Vila /Boots-Marco Tozzi/
/Bikini-Banana Moon/Shoes-Mode/
/Black Studded Swimsuit-Espirit /Print Jumpsuit-Blue Vanila /Bag-Dents /Shoes-Mode/
/Floral Jacket-Feverfish /Pink Swimsuit-Miraclesuit /Shoes-Mode/
/Bikini-Lepel /Trousers-Warehouse /Bag-Mexx /Shoes-Mode/
/Print Jacket-Blue Vanilla /Swimsuit-Miraclesuit /Bag-Mexx /Shoes-Mode/
/Butterfly Top-Mandi /Floral Trousers-Vila /Bag-Fiorelli /Shoes-Mode/
/Cream and Blue Dress-Turnover /Bag-Mode /Shoes-Mode/
/Print Dress-Warehouse /Bag-Oasis /Shoes-Menbur /Headpiece-Nigel Raymond/
/Floral Dress-Warehouse /Shoes-Mode/ Bag-Mode/
/Dress-Lipsey /Coat-Sisley /Shoes-Mode/
They were also hosting an Instagram competition on the night with the best image winning a new phone from the Carphone Warehouse, I could not believe it when I won. I was so shocked I didn't even know what was going on when I went up to collect my prize. 

A huge thank you to everyone at Clerys and of course Sarah for organising an amazing evening, I had such a fabulous time. Clerys is a beautiful department store, pure luxury! I shall definitely be in again this week to browse some of my favourite pieces from the fashion show! 


  1. Wow! That looks like an amazing event!! Fair play for winning too, which pic was it that won it for you? By the way you look fantastic xx

    1. Hey Thanks hun, I'm not actually sure what picture one lol! I forgot there was a competition and posted about three Instagram photo's I think. I didn't have a clue what was going on when they called my name I must have looked like such a fool lol! :) x


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