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Free Advertisers: July

Hey Everyone,
I offer free advertising to five bloggers each month, so keep a look out on twitter if you are interested in advertising next month.
Here are July's bloggers:
"Hello, I'm Ash. I'm the writer behind Rambles Of A Beauty Addict which is a mostly about all things beauty but has a hint of fashion & lifestyle thrown in. I'm 20, I was born & bred in South Wales & spend the majority of my time taking photographs of anything & everything, online shopping, drinking unhealthy amounts of tea [ & coke ] & blogging."

"I originally started my blog in March 2012 but didn't really think it was for me until I rekindled my love for blogs in February 2013 & haven't looked back since. I like to write up multiple posts at once, as I enjoy it so much but that does mean my drafts are usually overflowing with posts ready to be scheduled haha (: My blog used to be focused on beauty but I have slowly but surely started adding some fashion/lifestyle posts to change things up a bit. My blog lets me be creative, I can talk about anything & everything that I'm interested in. I love seeing how much my blog has changed...how much I have changed. My blog has given me so much more confidence which in turn has made my blog better."

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "My HG product has to be the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair. It brightens, conceals & banishes my horrid dark circles until I take my makeup off. Perfect."
Must Have Fashion Item every wardrobe should have: "An item I think every wardrobe should have is a plain white t-shirt. It is so versatile - it can be worn with skinny jeans for a casual look or tucked into a skirt & accessorised with a statement necklace & it becomes a whole lotta fancy. "
"Hello! I’m Zoë and I run the beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog 'Zoë with Umlauts'. I’m a 16 year old blogger, musician and part-time waitress dreaming of a job in journalism. I love all things quirky & weird and I try to showcase this through my blog, combining all styles with more mainstream beauty! If you like ramblings about makeup, food and cat’s, I’m your girl." 

"I love photography, writing, beauty, fashion, travelling and craft, so it only made sense for me to start blogging. I started it in January 2014 and haven’t look back since. "

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "My Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 liner. I love winged liner and this makes it so easy!"

3. Sarah from 'The Yellow Sunflower'
"Hey guys! I'm Sarah from The Yellow Sunflower Blog, an Irish beauty, fashion and lifestyle Blog. I have a huge love of beauty and makeup products and could talk all day about products!!"

"I started off Blogging 2 years ago and I have no regrets! It all began because I discovered Beauty videos and Blogs and enjoyed watching and reading them in my spare time. I also realised I had and still have so many products that I wanted to share my experiences and opinions on them. The rest is history! I would really love for you to join my on my journey." 

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "Elizabeth Arden 8Hr Cream or Mavala Nail Hardener (both affordable)."

Must Have Fashion Item every wardrobe should have: "I have quite a modern, classic style so I would say a good pair of skinny jeans, white shirt, nice necklace and black patent heels. You can't go wrong with a good black dress also (a must!)!! #LBD"
4. Gracey from 'Long Hair and Lashes'
"My name is Gracey and I'm the person behind Long Hair And Lashes. I'm an 18 year old beauty Blogger from Co.Louth, currently studying French and History in the colourful city of Galway. I work part time as a waitress and when I'm not working or travelling between Galway/Dublin/Louth, I love to get online to talk about lipstick and all things beauty. I've always been interested in makeup but couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to do work experience at an Urban Decay counter and it made me fall in love with cosmetics all over again. I've been reading makeup Blogs for years and I always wanted to do something similar. I guess moving quite far away for college (and a push from my friends) finally helped me start Blogging - and I absolutely love it. Aside from makeup, my other interests include reading, travelling, baking, going to gigs/festivals and of course, watching Game of Thrones or Netflix!"
"I am new to the Blogging world, having only set up my blog at the end of April. It started off as more of a personal project, where I would post face of the day and watch my progression in makeup. Mainly, I did it for myself and some close friends who thought I could help them with the "how to's" of cosmetics. Makeup for me has always been a creative outlet and merging it with a Blog has already improved my writing skills. I've had some positive feedback on Twitter/Instagram about how much people are enjoying my blog already. Knowing that people are getting something out of my blog or even learning a thing or two definitely makes it all worthwhile! I post mostly face of the days, monthly favourites and reviews while sharing tips and tricks with my readers. I hope to soon expand my blog into fashion/lifestyle in the future. Feedback/post suggestions/product recommendations are, of course, always welcomed."
What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "As a beauty blogger (and nocturnal student), my holy grail product would have to be the MAC studio finish concealer because it hides absolutely everything!"
5. Gemma from 'Touch Of Belle'
"Hello I'm Gemma! I chat about beauty and everything in between on my Blog 'Touch Of Belle' I love anything beauty, fashion and life related! Pop over to my Blog to have a little chat!"

"I started my Blog in July of last year I had been reading Blogs for a while, but I actually started because I became really ill and couldn't leave the house so I started my Blog to get to meet other people and I'm so glad I started it because I have come so far and have met some lovely people!"

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "My holy grail product is Vaseline! I always have one in my bag as its great for chapped lips but at night you can put it on your eyelashes and in the morning my eyelashes feel so soft and makes it so much easier to put mascara on! It can also be used to make a lip scrub if you mix a bit of sugar in it! Its so affordable as well its just such a great product!"


Thanks to everyone who RT'ed/contacted me and thanks to these fabulous bloggers for being my June advertisers! If you are interested in gaining free advertising, head over to my twitter page and keep an eye out for details on how to get free advertising for next month (https://twitter.com/llandmakeup).


  1. Thanks again, Hannah! So nice of you to do this... I know I've found out some brilliant blogs through your free advertising so I can't wait to get reading everyone else's this month :) x

  2. This is such a fab idea and I always find some good blogs to read too x


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