Monday, 4 August 2014

A Secret Pancake Haven

Hey Everyone, 
This long weekend I was down in Kerry visiting my family. While there I enjoyed a walk along the Gap Of Dunloe, after which I was seriously hungry and went in search of food. In the mountains of Killarney hidden away is a secret gem for foodies everywhere. 'The Strawberry Field' is an amazing little cottage/pancake cafĂ©. You can either enjoy the view of the stunning mountains from their garden or sit inside the traditional cottage to sample their delights. I don't know many people who don't enjoy a good pancake and this place really is the best of the best! 

It took me about half an hour just to decide what to have due to the vast choice of fillings, they have everything from the traditional 'Sugar and Lemon' to 'Smoked Irish Salmon, Spinach Leaves, Leek & Sour cream'. I ended up choosing 'Strawberry and Hazelnut Praline' it was the most delicious pancake I have ever tasted and I could eat it over and over and never get bored. They do both sweet and an incredible array of savoury options, as well as gluten free pancakes. I sat outside to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful views which just added to the atmosphere, I didn't see one unhappy person while in this little haven. Everyone was too busy enjoying the amazing food. 

If you're ever in Killarney I would definitely recommend taking the time to find this charming little spot and stuffing your face with the most amazing food. If you would like to check out 'The Strawberry Field' they have a website to entice you more than I ever could.

What have you been up to this bank holiday weekend? 


  1. I LOVE pancakes!! Need to find this place when I'm down that way next :) xx

  2. Finding little gems like this are the best!

  3. Great pics and FYI your blog post title hooked me in and make me hungry lol! :) :) xx


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