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Free Advertisers: August

Hey Everyone,
I offer free advertising to five Bloggers each month, so keep a look out on twitter if you are interested in advertising next month.
Here are August's Bloggers:
1. Kirsten from 'Just Kirsten'

"Just Kirsten - a beauty blog run by me, Kirsten, a 20 year old living in London. 
I’m from Cornwall but moved to the city to try something new! I’m studying English language at university, so when I'm not studying (or partying) you'll find me here in my little corner of the internet talking about make-up and beauty and pretty things that make me happy, with a few personal chats thrown in there for good measure! 
I try to make it as cosy and friendly as I can so do feel free to come and say hey! "

"I started writing my blog when I realised that I absolutely love talking to people about beauty and hair and all fashion and everything that comes with it.
None of my friends were really as interested in talking about lipstick as I was and so I spent hours and hours reading blogs and watching Youtube videos and I just thought “You know what, Kirsten? You can do that. You need to get in on it too!” I thought that starting a blog where I could share my favourite things with all of you would be a great place to start.
And so, Just Kirsten was born!"

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "My Holy Grail product? I’ll have to cheat and say two –  Soap and Glory SuperCat liner and Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107. I’m all about a big flick and a red lip. It seems I’m desperately trying to look as ‘Hollywood glam’ as a Cornish girl can!"

2. Amber from 'Ambers Beauty Talk'
"I'm Amber and I'm a natural and organic beauty Blogger. I write all about natural skincare and make-up proving that it can be just as good, if not better for your skin than mainstream products. I've also started a YouTube channel where I talk about my monthly favourites, post haul videos and let you know about my top natural products. I love that in the green community, a lot of the brands and indie, family businesses who start with their own homemade recipes and through blogging I'm able to try their products & share them with others! I also have some well loved favourites from bigger brands such as Green People, OSKIA, Balance Me & REN!"
"I started my Blog just over a year ago as I was a consultant for a natural skincare company and I hadn't realise beforehand about the array of chemicals in mainstream products that are bad for your skin and health. I realised through being a consultant that I loved talking about skincare and I thought why not make a Blog so I can talk about it all the time?! I'm now part of an amazing green Blogger community and as my real-life friends aren't really interested in natural skincare, its amazing to be able to speak with like-minded people and other beauty Bloggers too!"

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "My holy grail product is my Bodhi & Birch Neroli Luce Facial Oil - it's amazing! It is a nourishing, hydrating, clarifying oil that is packed full of oils. Don't be put off if you have oily skin - I do and its worked miracles. Oils help to balance sebum and I think everyone needs one in their skincare routine!"

3. Eleni from 'Eleni Mac'
"Hi! My name's Eleni (pronounced 'Elle-N-EEEEEE') and I'm a 19-year-old journalism student studying in Manchester. My Blog's a place where I can gather all of my inspiration, thoughts, tips and share my interests with people who'll (hopefully) be interested!"

"I've been writing online since I was about ten years old! But it's only recently when I began University that I've been able to dedicate more time and channel what I love into a single Blog. Sixth form and school took up most of my time a couple of years ago. I started my current Blog because (like a lot of people I'm sure!), I'm intrigued by style, fitness and beauty! As a teenager I was always on the look out for bargains and tips - my Blog's a place where I can share all that with people and at the same time make friends and talk to people on my journey!"

 Must Have Fashion Item every wardrobe should have: "This may sound a little obvious but I SWEAR by my Levi 501 shorts. They're a piece that can be incorporated into any outfit and can simultaneously be dressed up or down. A piece that would look just as good at a festival paired with a plain t-shirt, to thick wooly tights and chunky boots for roaming around on the chilly British days we know all too well." 

4.Becky from 'A Little Rosy'
"I’m Becky, a 20 year old beauty and fashion Blogger from the Midlands. I thoroughly enjoy testing out new products and sharing my opinions on them. I’m also planning to throw in some lifestyle posts soon too."
"Reading Blogs has always been one of my favourite ways to pass time. I can guarantee that that a good cup of tea and a read over the latest posts from my favourite Bloggers will put me in a good mood. After my university exams were done with I realised I had plenty of time to spare so I thought I would take the plunge and start one of my own."
What Is Your Holy Grail Product:"My holy grail product would be the Skin Wow 3-Way Highlighter from Seventeen. It leaves the skin looking so healthy and glowy."
Big Blonde Girl
5. Cat from 'Big Blonde Girl'
"My name is Cat but I go by BigBlondeGirl. I'm from Dublin in tiny Ireland- the place to be!"

''I started this Blog as a new years resolution to myself to become more familiar with the internets/Blogger community, to be a social person and to learn how to use things like editing photos!'' Since starting up I've done just that, this little Blog has become my refuge to rant about all sorts of things. I love beauty but books are a big passion as well. I've recently become a bit of a niche too - I'm a sex Blogger on occasion, how classy!"

What Is Your Holy Grail Product:"I'm a beauty Blogger, I'm always on the hunt for the next holy grail product even when I think I could have found it! That's such a trick question ;)"


Thanks to everyone who RT'ed/contacted me and thanks to these fabulous Bloggers for being my August advertisers! If you are interested in gaining free advertising, head over to my Twitter page and keep an eye out for details on how to get free advertising for next month (

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