Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer Starts: Best Hair Product - Aussie Leave In Conditioner

Hey Everyone,
With summer sadly drawing to a close I thought I would do a new Blog series on my 'Summer Stars', my favourite beauty products from this summer. My third product in this series is a hair product, and it is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Leave In Conditioner.
I'm going to admit it, I'm not great at looking after my hair. My hair care routine consists of, pretty much just shampoo and conditioner. I no its terrible but its something I can never find the time for. However my recent discovery of the Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave In Conditioner has me changing my mind about my basic routine. My hair is damaged from years of styling and lacks the moisture it desires, this product helps to keep it happy and healthy. I've found it can be used in two ways either sprayed through the ends of damp hair before drying, to hold in the moisture before the blast of the hair dryer does the heat induced damage. Or secondly sprayed through dry hair it can give a little boost to lack lustre dry locks. 
It really does seal in the goodness and my hair has felt so much softer since I began using it. One thing I have avoided is spraying this near my roots, as I wouldn't want to encourage greasy hair however it would definitely depend on the user as someone with really dry hair/scalp could probably benefit from this. 

As we know Aussie products are very affordable costing around €5-6, making it even more satisfying when finding such an amazing product like this one.

What has been your favourite summer hair product this year?


  1. At the mo' I'm in love with the Aussie dry shampoo!

    1. I'll have to try it, thanks for the recommendation! :) x

  2. i have oily hair .please give me suggest best shampoo>?


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