Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Free Advertisers: September

Hey Everyone,
I offer free advertising to five Bloggers each month, so keep a look out on twitter if you are interested in advertising next month.
Here are Septembers Bloggers:
1. Lizzy from 'Life With Lizzy'
"Hello! I'm Lizzy, I'm just a typical 18 year old, who loves everything from Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. My Blog, Life with Lizzy is where I get to ramble on about anything that interests me. My Blog is the best thing that I have ever done and I love putting everything into it, it such a fun and creative hobby for me and I really love everything about it."

"I’ve always wanted to start my own Blog and when I finally did, I did it because I wanted a distraction from my fast approaching exams and from my Mam being diagnosed with cancer. At first it was a distraction for me but then it become so much more, it became a hobby for me and something that I actually liked putting time and effort into and something I began to love to do."

What Is Your Holy Grail Product: "A Holy Grail product for me is concealer, I love Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, the creamy texture is perfect for my dry skin and the high coverage is perfect for concealing dark circles or spots!"
2. Jess from 'The Beauty Sanctuary'
"Your fellow lacquer lover, dedicated to giving you somewhere to relax and to get your much needed beauty fix. "

"I started my Blog in April as I love writing, I love to talk about beauty and wanted to be involved in the tight knit Blogging community."

What Is Your Holy Grail Product:"Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation" 

3. Aisling from 'Total Makeup Addict'

4. Samantha from 'All The Buzz'
"Holly is a freelance writer, Blogger, and photographer from London. She spends her time travelling around the UK and taking photos wherever she goes. She is obsessed with twisted fairytales, popcorn and Twitter."
"Holly started her blog because she wanted a place where she could share her artwork, photographs and thoughts without censorship or creative limits."

Thanks to everyone who RT'ed/contacted me and thanks to these fabulous Bloggers for being my September advertisers! If you are interested in gaining free advertising, head over to my Twitter page and keep an eye out for details on how to get free advertising for next month (https://twitter.com/llandmakeup).


I love and reply to every comment, it seriously makes my day!
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Hannah :) x
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