Monday, 12 January 2015

Choose Irish: Handbags - Cora Llei

Hey Everyone,

This is the second post in my new series where I will be introducing you to different Irish
fashion designers and brands to showcase the range of amazing talent we have right on our
doorstep in an attempt to show you why you should, choose Irish! 

When you buy Irish not only are you supporting our home grown talent you are also buying
quality, sometimes unique and always beautiful pieces. 

Next up is Bags and Cora Llei.
Lorna Burton is the incredible designer behind this brand. Her approach to fashion is an ethical one in both the production and materials used. Lorna only uses sustainable fabrics, packaging, textiles and manufacturing techniques (where possible) whilst creating her pieces. Her methods produce the most beautiful and rich in colour pieces which make a statement perfect for any accessory loving women. 

Cora Llei was recognised as a brand to be noticed by Brown Thomas who featured her in their 'Create' exhibition which showcases Irish designers for a month in store. She was also a finalist in the 2014 Kerry Fashion Week for Accessory designer. 

If you love these pieces and would like to find out more visit Lorna's website HERE, or her Facebook page HERE! Don't forget to let me know which bag is your favourite?

*NOT a sponsored post


  1. Liking the larger bags in 2 pic
    Must check her out :-)

    1. Her pieces are amazing I would definitely recommend checking out the website! :) x


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