Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Choose Irish: Clothing - Emma Manley

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this new series where I introduce you to different Irish
fashion designers and brands to showcase the range of amazing talent we have right on our
doorstep in an attempt to show you why you should, choose Irish! 

When you buy Irish not only are you supporting our home grown talent you are also buying
quality, sometimes unique and always beautiful pieces. 

Today it's time to look at Clothing and Emma Manley.
I first came across Emma's pieces when I helped out with the Brown Thomas 'Create' exhibition in 2013, her dramatic and stylish pieces demand attention, she is a fantastic asset to Irish fashion. Emma founded her label 'Manley' in 2010. Her pieces combine exquisite tailoring and luxury embellishment. Methods include laser cutting and hand sewn embellishment, all this adds up to unique and beautiful clothing.

If you love these pieces and would like to find out more visit Emma's website HERE, or her Facebook page HERE! Don't forget to let me know which piece is your favourite?

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