Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Mix and Match Bridesmaids Outfits

Hey Everyone,
In the last couple of years mix and match bridesmaids outfits have become increasingly popular not only because its a cool and funky new trend but because its easily adapted to all budgets and themes.

Bridesmaids everywhere can breathe a sign of relief as this trend is all about the individual women, meaning more are having a say in some aspect of what they are wearing on your big day!

Mix and match can be done in many different ways, but favorites include:
  • Different colour outfits (complementary, seasonal, theme)
  • Different shades of the same colour
  • Different styles of dress in the same colour or shades
  • The same dress with a different neckline
  • The same dress with different embellishments
  • Completely individual to the bridesmaid
  • Mixture of outfits ( Suits, Skirts and Tops, Dresses)
  • Mixture of lengths 


It's easy to mix and match outfits and it gives you and your bridesmaids the option to shop around. Combinations can be found on the highstreet (in stores like Coast, Reiss, Debenhams and more), online (Asos, Dessy, Etsy and more) or in Bridal boutiques! 

What do you think of this fashionable trend?

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  1. I love this trend! The idea of one dress for all scares me, especially since i'm so picky! Love the wedding posts Hannah :) x

    1. I love it too such a great way to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable on the day! :) x


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