Sunday, 13 December 2015

DIY: Create Your Own Christmas Sign

Hey Everyone,
With Christmas not long away I thought I would share a recent DIY project with you. This Noel Christmas sign is really easy to create and makes a huge impact.

What you will need:
1. You can pick up letters in most craft shops whether you want to mix it up and have an array of sizes or stick to one size.

2. Paint (Acrylic is a good choice for this type of project), the colour is up to you. Choose colours that will stand out or blend well together. I chose a matte and a metalic shade to have a contrast in textures.

3. A paint brush

Start by coating your letters in the first shade, it may need two coats depending on the shade.

Next with your second paint choice, work from the bottom up blending the paint upwards to get a graduated effect. Keep going until you get to your desired height and look.

Wait to dry and your finished. A quick and easy DIY project, anyone can do that will look beautiful in your house this Christmas!

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